10 Interesting Things You Will Only Find In Japan

Japan is a country of “Rising Sun” and popular in India due to its high-speed trains, and one popular song called “Mera joota hy Japani”, However, there are many other unique things present which you will only find in Japan.

1.Subway with letters and numbers

source: Brightside

There are many cities around the world who are having a good transport system, However, the transport system of Japan makes transport easier for tourists and the people who don’t know Japanese.They gave each station number and letter combination, therefore it will be easy for foreign tourists to remember the station.

  1. Job of pushing people in Subway

I am sure all Indians are aware of the rush of Mumbai locals, Same Japanese capital Tokyo is also facing a high rush of every day. Tokyo is the city with the highest population in the world, hence here the metro authority opened a special vacancy for pushing people in Subway.

3.Different types of trains


Japan is famous for its high-speed trains in the world But wait, they not only have high-speed trains. Japan does have various other kinds of trains like Train of a cartoon character, train without the driver, train with a vintage look, subway trains for women only, etc.

4.Vending machine for everything


Japan is country of a vending machine, where you will find vending machines everywhere to find various products. From noodles to vegetable from vegetable to car everything you can find in these various vending machines.

5. Post from any store


The amazing system developed for the countrymen who don’t have time to spend in long queues of a post office. In Japan, one can send or get parcel at any store.

6. Takeshita Street


The Japanese are always doing things to the next level, whether it is food, customs, culture, and fashion too. Takeshita Street is a street where you will find Harajuku girls and they are famous for their different kinds of fashion and swag.

7. Akihabara city


Do you want to purchase any electronics from this amazing innovative country? Akihabara is the place where you find everywhere electrical, electrical, and electrical. One can get a camera, gadget, Smartphone, digital accessories etc.

8. Cherry blossom season


Cherry blossom season of Japan is famous in the world. One can take a tour to “Hitsujiyama Park” in late April to May to explore the wonderful creation of nature. Flowers with pink, purple, white, violate facing humongous mount Buko. Not only is this park around the country cherry blossom best to time to see the beauty of nature.

9. Sleeping in the office or in train


In Japan, It is very common to sleep in the office and the boss also allows them to take short sleep, as in Japan people do work for a long hour. In subways also you will find people sleeping and It is called as “inemuri”.

10. Capsule hotel


Capsule hotels are one kind of unique hotel itself, here in these hotels they have an extra small capsule design for one night stay and it is one of unique kind of hotel in itself.

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