Top 7 Weirdest Hotels Around the World, You Probably don’t Know

If you are traveling freak and you are bored with the routine hotels, and then try to get into these weird hotels of the world which will surely amaze you with their uniqueness and unusual architecture and destination.

Let’s look at some of the most unusual hotels in the world.

  1. Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

This property is one of the special properties in Sweden. If you want to live in a lush environment without any outside stress, then this one is the perfect property for you. Live like birds in the forest of Harads with eco-friendly room of Treehotel. Take a look some of the amazing pictures of the property.


  1. Cranehotel faladara, Amsterdam, Netherland

Have you ever thought a crane can convert into a hotel? Have you ever thought that in a crane you can designer luxurious rooms with Wi-Fi facilities? Then think towards it, as there is one hotel in Amsterdam Crane hotel is the answer of the above question. It is situated at the NDSM shipyard and very near from the central railway station of Amsterdam.

  1. No man’s fort-

This hotel is very unique due to its connection with history. It is situated in United Kingdom and made to save Portsmouth from the attack of Napoleon. Nowadays it has been turned into a fabulous hotel with luxurious bedrooms, penthouse suits, hot tubs as well as night clubs.

  1. Silo stay, Little River, New Zealand

Silo stay hotel is located near Christchurch of New Zealand; you will be amazed to see that how beautifully they fit furniture beautifully.

  1. Icehotel, Sweden

The ice hotel is located in north Sweden area of Jukkasjärvi. It’s one of unique kind of hotel which you will not find anywhere. Take look wonderful images of this hotel.

  1. V8 hotel, classic mote world region, Stuttgart, Germany

This hotel is located in Germanys Stuttgart, hence when you are in Germany then considering it for your stay. As it is a wonderland for car lovers due to its room with automobile theme. Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Museum, and the Outletcity Metzingen are just 30-minute drive by car or public transport. This hotel offers all other facilities like Wi-Fi, TV, tea coffee facilities as well as a work desk.


  1. Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, Huzhou, China

This fabulous resort is located in between famous Shanghai city and Nanjing city. Locals call this hotel “doughnut hotel” famous architect Ma Tan Song constructed this luxurious 27 floor hotel with excellent facilities and all amenities.

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