8 Reasons Make Country of the Rising Sun a Spectacular Travel Destination


“The country of the rising sun” Japan is a perfect travel destination. One can discover hill station, greenery, beaches etc everywhere, but this country offers you something different and special than any other country. Japan is blending of ultra modern high technology, strong cultural tradition, and fighting spirit to overcome disasters makes the country’s images distinct than others. You may say these things we all know, but do you know some exciting things about Japan which attract me more? Let’s discover here.

  1. Your dreamland is here, flower lovers!

Cherry blossom season in Japan is famous in the world. One can take a tour to “Hitsujiyama Park” in late April to May to explore the wonderful creation of nature. Flowers with pink, purple, white, violate facing tremendous mount Buko. Not only this park around the country cherry blossom is best to time to see the beauty of nature.

  1. Area of techie/geek “Akihabara”

Do you want to purchase any electronics from this amazing innovative country? Akihabara is the place where you find everywhere electrical, electrical, and electrical. One can get the camera, gadget, Smartphone, digital accessories etc.

  1. Are you looking for an island?

Miyajima Island means historic+ scenery+ attractive sea+ virgin forest+ Momiji Manju for a sweet tooth. Oh yeah, it’s like the full package.

  1. New and strange inventions-

I really want to go to Japan to look their crazy innovative products. Some might find it weird, but hello! We may see these items after 10 years in the Indian market.

  1. Vending machine-

Omg! Japan is famous for its Vending machine, one can get everything means everything from those Vending machines. Take chips to sauces with soft drinks to even car here. I will surely go explore those machines.

  1. Food of Japan-

Please! Japan is not limited to sushi guys. There is best, unique, tasty and yummy food is there in the country for a foodie. Vegans don’t worry Japan has more to offer you too, like Gohan, Nama tofu, Zaru soba, kabocha etc.

  1. Ice cream Ice cream and Ice cream-

Ice cream with flavors of Tochi strawberry, chocolate, mocha, vanilla, melon, grape, green tea, remune (Japanese cider). That’s why Japan is a dream travel destination you know

  1. Arshiyama bamboo forest-

Just watch images, It is one of own kind of Bamboo forest of the world. One can come with partners also and families also for spending quality time.

I will make sure and visit this lovely innovative world in future. What about you?

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