Kamal Hassan to Start His Political Journey- Do You Know These 10 Interesting Facts of This Superstar

Tamil Nadu is the state where people love their Film stars and Politicians like anything. They get so much love that even presidents of some countries even won’t get. Tamil Nadu is finding one charismatic leader due to the demise of Jayalalitha “Amma” most famous Politician and age of Karunanidhi. Famous Superstar Kamal Hassan comes out here as a new option in Tamil Nadu Politics. Now its future that how much the actor will succeed in his new inning, but if we talk about his film career he is a Megastar and Tamil Pride.

Let’s check out some of the interesting facts of Kamal Hassan.

  1. Kamal was born in a Hindu Iyengar family; His real name is Parthasarathy in the interview with Karan Thapar he stated that his mother always called him by this name.

  1. Kamal Hassan started his career as a child artist in Kalathur Kannamma where his acting was so exceptional that he got appreciations and he also got President Gold award at the age of 6 years.

  1. As per resource people said that Director Vaaranam Vijay was a key person in his career who hones his acting skills.


  1. Balachander directed film “Apoorva Rangangal” in which he played the character of a rebellious young man who falls in love with mature lady. This film was the big breakthrough in his career as lead actor.
  1. He is a true all-rounder; if you think he is an actor then you’re wrong here. Kamal Hassan is known for his script writing, direction and signing. He wrote his first script at the age of just 18 for the film Uranchigal. One can tell him an all-rounder artist in the industry.
  1. Kamal Hassan is the only superstar who acted in various language films and it is one of major the achievement. He acted in Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, and in Telugu.

  1. The First artist who got 1 crores rupees as a remuneration for one film, which shows his demand in the film industry.

  1. Hollywood director once said that kill bill film was motivated from Kamal Hassan’s Hindi film “Abhay”. However, Abhay film was a Hindi remake of Tamil film Alavandhanam.
  1. Kamal Hassan got many rewards throughout his career for his excellent acting skills. He got Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, a Living Legend award from FICCI, 9 Tamil Nadu state awards, and 19 Filmfare Awards.
  1. Kamal Hassan is also an excellent singer, he sang 79 songs

Please forgive if I miss any other achievement of this living legend, as I have never seen such a successful rewarding career and powerful artist.

Thank you, Mr. Kamal Hassan, for entertaining us for years.

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