6 Odd Couples that will Teach You How Love can be Selfless

Love is Love if two persons like each other, then we are no one to judge that what is weird or what is normal. However, we describe it as unusual which generally happens rarely or happened for the first time. From these articles, one can understand that love is more important than any physical appearance.Let’s see some of the odd yet most beautiful couples in the world.

  1. Sultan Kosen and Merve Dibo

Sultan is one of the tallest men in the world, who had a Guinness book of World record. Sultan is a 251cm tall man he held from turkey and basically a Kurdish farmer. God is there always, he created Merve Dibo for Sultan Kosen. Both met each through a common friend and day by day both came near to each other and fell in love with each other and in October 2013 they both married each other. God bless them both.

  1. Ahmed Mohammad Dore and Safia Abdullah

In Africa, many countries you will find out Old groom and Young Bride. Ahmed Dore and Safia Abdullah are one of the odd couples where the groom is 112 years old and while the bride is 17 years old. Although it is very odd for us. As per groom, he knew the bride since she was born at that time he was just 95 years old, he waits for a bride to become an adult so that he could propose her for the wedding. As per reports brides family is happy and said Safia is also happy with her husband.

  1. Majorie McCool and Kyle Jones

   Kyles Jones Mother and Marjorie McCool


Here, Majorie is 91 years old lady dating from 5 years with 31-year-old Kyle Jones. Kyle Jones also takes Marjorie McCool to meet his 50 years old Mother. Despite the huge gap of 60 years between both, they fall in love with each other. In one interview Kyle said that “he loves Marjorie’s hair and her beautiful features.”The couple also opens up that they are having an amazing sex life. Marjorie herself opens up that she can put her leg on the shoulder of her boyfriend. Again, it shows that love and attraction don’t care age gaps.

      4. Maria, Paul, and Peter


Many of the ladies out are there might be surprised due to this picture, as for some you, it’s a big headache to handle even one Husband. Then, how Maria handles both without any quarrel. It’s very unusual that both husband and lover accept each other. Maria, Paul, and Peter are now happy and live with their children. for you it may be odd, not for them as, they love each other.

       5. Chandil Deffy and Ann Kamsuk


It’s very sad here, Bride was passed away in one road accident. Both Bride and Groom love each other for a long time, but they postponed their marriage due to a busy life. Here, One can see a true lover and teach that love is eternal. One can learn from this story that takes time for yourself and your lover from busy life.

Love do not see age, religion, race, and society.

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