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Do you know these 10 Interesting Facts about Amma?

Happy Birthday to Puratchi thalaivi Amma


In the world highest degree of respect and love is always given to Mother and when people of state call you their mother “Amma” then it is the biggest achievement one can ever achieve. Very few politicians can get love and respect till the end of their life. Ms. Jayalalitha Jayram is a politician who got this utmost respect and love even though today she is not with us people remembering her today. She is one of the most powerful politicians of Indian politics and she was the longest-serving chief minister of Tamil Nadu state. Apart from popularity she also faces criticism for corruption cases and also faces the guilty from a court, although Jayalalitha had a stronghold that all these cases never decrease her popularity. Let’s look some of the Interesting facts of this charismatic leader.

  1. Bharatnatyam Dancer

Jayalalitha was such talented personality and a quick learner she learned Bharatnatyam at the age of 3 years. Yes! In just 3 years.

  1. She wanted to become lawyer, not actress

As per reports, Jayalalitha was a very bright student and she topped in matriculation exam. She wanted to become a lawyer, although her mother Sandhya forced her to pursue an acting career at the age of 15 years.

  1. She could not watch her debut film

Jayalalitha started her career with an adult film, although she could not watch that film as Jayalalitha was not adult at that time.

  1. The First Tamil trendsetter actress

Jayalalitha was the first actress who set the trend of a sleeveless blouse and drenches under a waterfall in Tamil Movies.

  1. Trained classical dancer

Apart from excellent acting skills, As earlier said Jayalalitha learned Bharatnatyam in 3 years. She was also trained in Kathak, Mohiniattam, Manipuri, and western classical piano.

  1. Ammu

People of Tamil Nadu called her Puratchi Thallavi means a revolutionary leader. However, very few know that her Co-stars and her family members called her Ammu.

  1. She was having great control over other languages too.She did one Hindi film in the opposite of Bollywood superstar Dharmendra “Izzat” in 1968.

  1. Amma loves to read English novels due to that whenever she was planning to travel carries a good English book with her.
  1. Jayalalitha features in the Guinness book world record as she hosted one of the costliest marriage in 1995 of her adopted son Sudhakaran. That marriage was such mega event that still people remembered it.
  1. Her Socialist scheme

She gained popularity with people from lower level due to her Amma canteen, Amma water bottle, Amma Pharmacy, Amma cement scheme, Amma seeds etc. These all schemes give her popularity around the world.

She is a true Revolutionary personality who is still connected today with common Tamil people.

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