Do You Know These 11 Amazing Facts About George Washington?

George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He was born on 22nd February 1732 in Westmoreland of Virginia. He was one of the most crucial figures of American politics, not only Americans adore him, but Napoleon Bonaparte also praised George Washington that” They wanted me to become Geroge Washington and I wasn’t”. However, many of few knew some unknown facts about the first president of the United States, apart from Washington DC is named in his honor.

Then let’s know 11  facts about George Washington

  1. George Washington was and his brothers were sent to England for their education when he was 11 years his father passed away due to that his elder brother Lawrence took care of him and found a job of surveyor for George Washington.George Washington started a job as a surveyor 1t the age of 15 years.
  2. After joining the British Army, George Washington was one of central and Prime, leader to handle the French and Indian war, which gave him the best experience that how to deal with British tactics, policies and strategies. All these experiences helped him in the American revolutionary war.
  1. Geroge Washington married to the richest widow of Virginia Maratha Custis, who already had two children. George Washington never had his own kids.
  1. As per sources, George Washington is one of the biggest presidents of the United States to date with 6 ft 2-inch height and 200-pound weight.
  2. One unknown fact of the First president of United States is he wore false teeth due to George Washington suffered from various toothaches. As per the study of 2005 Washington’s dentures were made of gold, Ivory, lead, human and animal teeth.
  1. George Washington was one of the richest presidents in the history of the United States, Estimate of his worth in Today’s dollar would be $500 Million.
  2. George Washington is the only one president who never stayed at the White House, He lived mostly in New York and Philadelphia and in various other mentions but never lived in the White House. He invited all foreign guest and congress members in his house. However, in his tenure Residence act passed for permanent capital and residence of the US President.
  3. Washington was a fan of whiskey and made a whiskey which today we considered it as a “moonshine” which is why many people said him being the moonshiner.
  1. George Washington was the only president of the United States who elected as the President without any opposition.
  2. He was the only president who went to battle during his tenure.
  3. Very few of you know that George Washington didn’t have a middle name.

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