Never Work Like Dictator- See How These 5 Dictators Died in Horrible Ways

The Life of Dictator is always pointing of discussion like right now the world is having an eye on the North Korean dictator Kim-Jong-UN. We think a life of the dictators is very easy as everyone is following your order, one can get a good benefit, fabulous attention, no one can question your policy. However, as per past dictators enjoy their life and implying decisions on others, although they didn’t get normal death. Seriously, when they died no one show mercy. This article is useful in real life that never imposes your rules and regulation on others in any field, as it will decrease your respect and love towards you from others heart. Let’s look some of the top leaders who died mercilessly.

  1. Adolf Hitler

Adlof Hitler was notorious for his hardliner thinking and he wanted to win the world, although he did not get success. For a leader hiding in a bunker and commit suicide in depression is very unpeaceful death.Hitler got the same death.

  1. Saddam Hussien

Saddam Hussien was a dictator of Iraq. He lived a lavish life throughout his life and implied rules. He made some dangerous weapon which could destroy and take many lives that were the reason for his unpeaceful death. Video of Saddam Hussein was leaked where he hangs and executors of this process insulting him. As per source, there was a hole in his neck.

  1. Muammar Gaddafi

Gaddafi was one of the most dangerous rulers of Libya. During his tenure, people were so much horrified due to his policies and as per some news abusive behavior with women, his orders of killings to his opponents. All these factors work against him and Rebels shows broadcast of his death, where Gaddafi demanded mercy, but he is being beaten and shot several times.

  1. Mussolini

Mussolini was a notorious dictator of Italy. As per sources earlier, he was socialist, but after 1925 he announced himself as a dictator of the country. He lowered the role of the Judiciary, sent all political opponents to jail, and abolish all local elections. Firing squad executed him and his body with his mistress hang up in the Esso Gas station.

  1. Vlad the Impaler

He was known to skewer his opponent and bathing in their blood. One cannot even imagine the cruelty which he did in his tenure. Vlad got the same back in the end, he was killed during the war and his body was chopped into pieces.

We can conclude from the above stories that whether at work, business, politics or any sector dictatorship will never work. Although every above leader had a goal to make their country superior, although in these processes they shut others opinion and take the lives of innocent people that turns against them. Always open the door for opinions of others.

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