10 horrible results occur if the US strikes on North Korea

Though, this New Year speech of North Korean president Kim Jong- Un to initiate talk with South Korea was a relatively positive sign for Korean peninsula and the world. Although still, the world is in fear due to fury statements from both sides’. Let see 10 horrible results if war occurs.

  1. The Killing of humanity on a mammoth level- Nuclear missile.

In World War 2 we saw casualties occur, it is estimated that total casualties reached to more than 80 million. Now compare with the scenario of today’s nuclear world countries can destroy each other with just one missile and kill billions of human in one shot.

  1. Chinese intervention

China is a powerful country and has a powerful presence all over the world and especially in Asia. Strike without consultation with China will provoke her to jump into these noxious fight between the US and North Korea. Chinese intervention will lead the world to world war 3.

  1. Loss of South Korea and Japan

Fight between the US and North Korea will be an immense loss for Japan and South Korea. As both countries are home of hefty manufactures of electronics and mobile companies, hence loose of Japan and South Korea affects the whole world.

  1. Economic turmoil due to spending millions of dollars in war


  1. Not limited to nuclear- be ready for cyber attack

 According to South Korean military intelligence, “North Korea developed 6800 strong unit of warfare specialist team for cyber attacks and report also add that in the situation of war attack South Korean nuclear power plants.

  1. Affects the developing economies like India

Developing economies like Brazil, India, Argentina, etc are on currently progressing stage any war can badly affect these economies. Especially India who exports agriculture product to Korea and outsource IT work from the US, war can hit the economy very badly.

  1. Fearful atmosphere in world market


The financial market always runs on sentiments, stability, policies, International scenario etc. Hence, if the war occurs anywhere in the world market it will not only replicate in those countries market but it affects every market in the world.

  1. After war expenditure

There will be magnificent spending from both sides to survive in war, but there will be much more spending after a war to build the country again.

  1. New era of cold war

With this war new era of the cold war will start between US, Europe, Japan and on the other hand China, Russia, Iran etc. for producing more weapons in the name of safety.

  1. Refugees

Currently, World is dealing with Syrian refugees. Just think one single nuclear bomb and war can make millions of people refugee and will force them to live there current home.

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Save the world.

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