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Taylor Swift No Makeup Look Will Confuse You

Taylor Swift looks so unbelievably stunning in no makeup look.

Taylor Swift no makeup

Taylor Swift is an American singer and songwriter who also pursued her career in country music. She is very popular because of her narrative song about her personal life. The gorgeous diva is a fabulous singer and her self-titled debut album was the longest-charting album of the 2000s. She has never looked back since then. She has given back to back hit albums. The ace singer has won many awards including four Grammy Awards. She has won many awards for her songwriting and she made her name. She has gained a lot of followers in a very short span. The beautiful lady is highly praised for her look on-stage and offstage. So here are some of the Taylor Swift no makeup pictures to tell how beautiful she is without her makeup.

  1. Rocking in Casuals

Taylor Swift no makeup

This candid picture of Taylor Swift was captured on a field, dressed in an over-sized t-shirt. She looks like a ray of sunshine with that smile and her golden curls. Her face is free from makeup and her sporty avatar looks amusing. She has that teenage vibe in this picture.

  1. Outing with Bestie

Taylor Swift no makeup with salena gomez

Your bestie knows you the best, you don’t have to behave like a diva in front of her. Same goes with Taylor, Salena knows her in and out and therefore Taylor Swift without makeup look is normal for her. Both look fabulous in their simple attire. Taylor is dressed in a black hoodie and carrying a black tote bag and a sleek pony without any trace of makeup.

  1. Let’s Buy Grocery

Taylor Swift without makeup - shopping

Taylor was captured in someone’s camera when she was buying some grocery items for herself. She looks adorable in a blue and white striped top. Her hair is tied in high pony and face looks fresh like a sunflower. I think she is looking for something over there, what do you think?

  1. Umm! A New Song

Taylor Swift without makeup

Every song of Taylor Swift is a marvelous piece of work and by looking at this picture I can say that she doesn’t waste time on doing her makeup before writing anything. She has a notebook in her hand, her curly hair is managed into a side braid and she wears her gorgeous smile which makes her look perfect. Taylor Swift no makeup look is beautiful and adorable.

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  1. Music and Makeup has no Relation

Taylor Swift no makeup

Taylor is dressed in an off-white top with maroon stripes and her hair is tied into a side braid and messy fringes look fabulous. Her face is glowing in the dark and I think she is coming from a music studio because she is carrying a guitar with her. She is an epitome of beauty, she doesn’t require makeup for recording her music or writing any lyrics.

  1. Winter has Come

Taylor Swift no makeup

Taylor is dressed in a Red Trench coat, with open golden curly hair. Her ears are having a good time because she is listening to some music through her earphones. She is carrying a sling bag to complete her look.

  1. A Day out in Sun

Taylor Swift no makeup - street style

She is a diva but she can be the girl next door at the same time. In this picture, she is in the avatar of girl next door. She is wearing a black big striped shirt with black trousers, open hair and carrying a crossbody bag to complete her look. She doesn’t have any accessory, and this completes Taylor Swift no makeup look.

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  1. Summer Morning

Taylor Swift no makeup

Look at her face, doesn’t she look like a fresh summer morning? Her golden curly hair falling on her shoulder, her innocent eyes and that baby lips are so adorable. She doesn’t need makeup to look gorgeous, she is naturally very beautiful.

  1. Teenage Days

Taylor Swift no makeup look

Teenage is that age where we do stuffs which are generally weird, and we love to dress differently. I think Taylor was like us in her teenage days, look how she has dressed up like a goblin, isn’t she adorable. Her hair is straight covered under her goblin cap. She looks like an innocent kind who is ready for the costume party. Her innocence doesn’t need the touch of makeup to look beautiful.

  1. People Magazine

Taylor Swift without makeup look

She opted for without makeup look for People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People issue in 2008. She has made a big decision of going makeup-free for a magazine, but she still rocked the photoshoot. Her golden curls look perfect, her eyes are full of confidence and she literally looks like a golden bird who has a golden heart. She is sitting in a garden for this photoshoot and nailing the no-makeup look.

These pictures are proof that Taylor doesn’t need makeup to look beautiful, she is naturally gorgeous and has the guts to walk on the road with a makeup-free face. Her music doesn’t need makeup for getting awards, her talent is enough. Taylor Swift no makeup look is just a treat to watch. What is your take on it?

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