Top 10 Stunning Katy Perry No Makeup Look

Katy Perry no makeup look proves that the singer doesn’t need makeup to look pretty

Katy Perry no Makeup

Katy Perry is one of the most talented singers who is famous for her natural look. She has won many awards for her fantastic song composition. Her voice is just like a Nightingale looks so innocent and gorgeous both on stage and off stage. The real name Katy Perry is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She has broken many Billboard records with Most of her albums. This American singer has a unique style and has an incredible dressing sense that can impress anyone. She looks amazing without makeup also and is a natural beauty. The singer can be a diva or she can be the girl next door, it just depends on the situation but she can ace any look. She looks vibrant and exotic in her no-makeup selfies. Katy Perry no makeup look is worth checking out. She looks equally pretty even without makeup. Just have a look

  1. Surprise

Katy Perry No Makeup - surprise

Look at her expression, isn’t she looking flawless. She is wearing a striped shirt and has tied hair in a bun. She looks fabulous without makeup. Her big eyes and small lips and her shocked expression has made this picture amazing.

  1. Let’s Go for Swimming

Katy Perry without Makeup - swimming

Look how happy she is. This candid picture was captured when she was swimming in a pool. This picture proves that you don’t need makeup for a gorgeous look, your smile is enough. Katy Perry no makeup look is amazing and has the natural glow. She is evidence that she doesn’t have to apply too much makeup to look flawless.

  1. I’m ready for Winter

Katy Perry without Makeup - winter

Katy Perry was spotted in a green fur jacket with a scarf wrapped around her neck. She is wearing glasses and her hair is coming out from the cap she is wearing on her head. The singing sensation is completely ready for a winter night out, she has covered herself with warm clothes but her face doesn’t have the layers of makeup but still, she is looking astonishing.

  1. Music Doesn’t Need Makeup

Katy Perry no Makeup - studio

Music is an art and this art doesn’t need makeup to cover flaws in the talent. This is proved by this picture of Katy Perry. This picture is from her recording studio where she was recording her song.s he is wearing a normal grey top and her smile. Katy Perry no makeup look shows that talent doesn’t need makeup for getting awards. She is a natural beauty and her pink cheeks just confirm the fact.

  1. At the Gym

Katy Perry no Makeup - workout

Katy Perry was spotted while exercising in the gym. She is wearing a plain white top and black trousers along with a hairband and glasses. She has done her nails but she is not wearing any make-up. In this picture, she is looking so strong as well as beautiful. She has an amazing personality on or off the stage. She is as powerful as her songs. Katy Perry no makeup look is worth watching and praising.

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  1. One from the Outing

Katy Perry without Makeup - hoodie

This candid was captured from one of the outings of Katy Perry. She is wearing a dark hoodie and a cap. The famous singer is not at all recognizable but I like this avatar of Katy Perry. She can ace both diva nad girl next door outfits. She is a great singer and carries the same charm in her personal life also.

  1. The Candy Girl

Katy Perry no Makeup - candy

Katy Perry without makeup look is a treat to eyes. For example, look at this picture, she is looking like a 5-year-old. She is wearing a candy dress which looks amazing on her. The ace singer tied her hair back and there is no makeup on her face. She is looking as usual stunning and her smile can make everyone’s day bright like her pearly white.

  1. Smile

Katy Perry no Makeup - casual look

Katy Perry is looking fresh as a summer morning. She is wearing a grey top with a sling bag and having her perfect smile. She is looking like a teenage girl. Her hair is as usual straight and has the audacity to do what she wants. She doesn’t look like a singer, she is more like a model.

  1. It’s stage time

Katy Perry no Makeup

This picture was captured before she was going to perform. Her eyes have the charm to attract anyone. Makeup or no makeup she is perfect in every aspect.

  1. I have that Band

Katy Perry without Makeup

This is a kind of picture of which is so girl next door look. The snap captured when she was trekking with John Mayer from their dating days. Her face is free from makeup and she is looking gorgeous. She is a natural beauty and has that charm to attract anyone.

She is a god of beauty, she is fierce and she is one of the finest singers. Makeup or no makeup she is beautiful in every way. What is your take on it?

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