Top 15 Nicki Minaj No Makeup Looks

Nicki Minaj looks absolutely stunning with no makeup. Take a look

Nicki Minaj doesn’t need an introduction but still those who don’t know her then let me tell you she is the best rapper and singer of this era. Basically, Nicki Minaj is her stage name and her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She is not only a rapper, but also a record producer, and a songwriter as well. Nicki is not only a multi-talented but is also a woman with extreme facial features. She is a dusky beauty and she is truly a natural beauty. You may have seen her a thousand times without makeup and if not then you should look at her pictures without makeup. Nicki Minaj no makeup look is truly an inspiration for those who hate their dark skin tone because she knows exactly show off her natural beauty with using any artificial product. Here are a few pictures to inspire you and show you how beautiful and adorable Nicki is.

Top 15 Nicki Minaj No Makeup Looks

  1. The No Makeup Look

Nicki Minaj with no makeup - dimple

It is believed that dimple accentuates the beauty of anyone’s face. In this picture, she is showing her dimples which makes her look more like a child and it increases her cuteness level. If you are looking for Nicki Minaj no makeup look then just look at this picture because this picture shows the real and natural Nicki Minaj.

  1. Natural Selfie

Nicki Minaj no makeup - selfie

This picture of Nicki Minaj is a selfie for her fans because she always wants to show her real face to her fans. She is a natural beauty and she got a perfectly straight nose which makes her more beautiful.

  1. The Selfie Before Make-up

Nicki Minaj without makeup

This selfie was taken just before Nicki Minaj was getting ready for her makeup and styling. In this picture, we can see her perfect jawline and her pouty lips. She looks flawless without makeup also and this picture is proof.

  1. The Glowing Selfie

Nicki Minaj with no makeup

Nicki Minaj has a dark skin tone but still her face glows without makeup also. She looks beautiful in her black wavy hair that compliments her face.

  1. I’m Done look

Nicki Minaj no makeup - 2

In this picture, she is looking a bit angry but her face still looks beautiful. She has deadly features and her fans always search for this look. Nicki Minaj no makeup look proves that a girl can beautiful even if she is angry.

  1. The Car Selfie

Nicki Minaj without makeup - 2

She is looking beautiful and adorable in her striped top. Her face is glowing without any makeup. Her hair is open and a bit messy but still she knows how to rock her no-makeup look.

  1. Wet Hair Selfie

Nicki Minaj with no makeup - 1

If someone is searching for Nicki Minaj no makeup look then your search will end on this picture because this picture shows the face without any trace of makeup. Her eyes are looking like that of a deer which looks so beautiful.

  1. Makeup Comparison

Nicki Minaj no Makeup

These two pictures of Nicki Minaj is just a comparison between her makeup and no-makeup look. On the left side her face is layered with makeup and the picture on the right shows Nicki Minaj no makeup look. I’m no one to judge her but in my opinion, she looks more beautiful without makeup.

  1. Young Nicki 

Nicki Minaj with no makeup - 1

This is the most beautiful picture of Nicki. She looks perfect without any effort. It is one of the oldest pictures but I think this one is the best. Her hair looks gorgeous and that smile on her face can kill anyone. With every picture, she is proving that she doesn’t need makeup to look beautiful, she is a natural beauty.

  1. I”m a Selfie Queen:

Nicki Minaj no makeup - selfie

This picture is proof that she is a selfie queen. She is the best when it comes to no-makeup selfie. The air is playing with her hair which enhances her beauty and her pouty lips are the best for taking selfies.

  1. That Bathroom Picture:

Nicki Minaj without makeup - bathroom

This picture is taken when she was bathing, her wet hair and her no-makeup face with that dimple looks worth a million dollar. Her smile is priceless and her face doesn’t need the touch of makeup to look good. She is a pure angel.

  1. The Old Me:

Nicki Minaj with no makeup - old photo

This is one of the oldest pictures of Nicki but this picture shows her pure soul through her face. She has got a great feature and those who think that you need to have a white skin tone to look good then this picture is a tight slap on their face. She looks like sunshine and her smile is making her look more beautiful.

  1. That’s my Dimple

Nicki Minaj no makeup - dimple and smile

Nicki is one of the best rappers who knows her strength and weakness very well. She knows the method of making people love her with whatever she does. Just look at this picture, her smile can kill anyone and with that dimple, she can rule on this world. She is truly a diva.

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  1. Bikini Look:

Nicki Minaj no makeup - sun
She is looking like a doll in this picture. She is showing off her bikini body and enjoying the sun. Even the sun knows that its rays cannot burn the beauty of Nicki. Her body is as beautiful as her face.

  1. Dressed in Red:

Nicki Minaj no makeup - red look

This red bodycon dress is showing off her figure very well. Her hair is straightened and her face is glowing like a shiny surface. She is a diva and to prove this fact she doesn’t need the support of makeup.

These are the few pictures of Nicki Minaj no makeup look and these are not only pictures, these are the proof that she doesn’t need makeup to look good. She is a natural beauty and those who thinks dusky girls are cannot look beautiful without makeup then these pictures are for you.

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