Wake up Call- Case of Sridevi’s Death. Take These 5 Precautions to Reduce the Risk of Cardiac Arrest.

Famous Bollywood superstar Sridevi dies due to cardiac arrest and leaves the whole country in shock and Question. The question comes to mind in the ordinary citizen that how can a celebrity who is having a proper diet and good fitness sudden face cardiac arrest at age of 54 years. The case of Sridevi is highlighted due to her celebrity status but there are huge cases where a person in his young age faces cardiac arrest. Now the Question is What is a cardiac arrest? How one can take Precautions to stay healthy.

What is Cardiac Arrest?


It is a situation when your heart stops pumping blood around your body and when it stops pumping blood your brain stops getting Oxygen. This situation makes a person unconscious and unable to breathe that result in sudden death. Now, this attack has come suddenly, although you have a chance to reduce the risk of it. Let’s check.

Important precautions to reduce the risk of Cardiac Arrest.

  1. Regular Health checkup from your 20’s

All youngsters who are in their20’s think themselves healthy and fit, Please the case of Sridevi is a warning to you all. Cardiac arrest never sees your age, it can attack any age group and any fit person. One should always go for a medical check-up at whatever age you are. It’s not necessary that the person who looks fit will be fit from inside too. Go for a full body check-up every year to reduce all kinds of health risk.

  1. Stop taking medicine without prescription

You are neither MBBS nor MD, then why you are putting yourself at a risk. With due respect to all Blogs on Medication, I would suggest you never take medication just by looking one blog and YouTube channel, as no one knows your medical history. Wrong medicine or Overdose will increase the chance of cardiac arrest. Never ever take Medicine without doctor’s consultation.

  1. Check your BMI

Obesity is the mother of all problems. Please stop feeling proud of “hum to khate pite khandan se hy”(I am coming from prosperous family) It’s just an excuse that makes your life at risk. Here, we are not suggesting you make six packs abs, but maintain weight as per your height. How can we check simply go to google and type BMI put details of your height and weight. One will get detailed information about his body condition, whether he is obese, overweight, normal and Underweight.

Obese person- High risk starts taking precaution

Overweight- Red signal to you

Normal- Appropriate and Maintained it.

Underweight- It will affect the immune system, start taking healthy food.

  1. Tension for -Job? Family? Career?

Please If you are taking tension for all above problems, then stop doing from today itself.

What happens if you die due to Hypertension?

Tension for your job- Your company will hire new employees.

Tension for Family- Just think what happens if they lose their breadwinner.

Tension for Career- Lakhs of Opportunities are there, keep yourself calm and look around you.

  1. Meditation and walking

I know many of you will ignore our 4th point, then start doing at least meditation and yoga for 30 minutes to relax your body. Please do a favor to yourself walk five miles daily to stay healthy.

Your health is on your hand.

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