How to Make Yummiest Dessert Quickly? Learn this Easiest 5 Mouth-Watering Desserts

1.Rich Choco mousse


For this recipe one doesn’t need any fancy kitchen gadgets, one just needs simple care and patience here. Here, with this recipe, one can make a deliciously rich chocolate sauce.


Just 3 ingredient needed here,

–   Rich Chocolate (Which contain rich cocoa, However, one can choose chocolate as per taste)

–   1 bowl water

–   3 tbsp sugar( Take sugar wisely if you choose sweet chocolate, then use less sugar)


–   Take one bowl with Ice as well as water puts it on the side

–   Next step is to take a pan and melt chocolate on medium heat, add water mix both with the help of a big spoon

–   Now flow your melted chocolate in the bowl with Ice water and start mixing both items with the help of wire whisk, take care that your mousse should not become rough. However, if it becomes rough then reheat again till half of it melted. That’s it put back in the bowl, mix it with a spoon and your Choco Mousse is ready.

–   One can serve it with other items like sandwiches, burger, Brownies, Pastries, and in Banana Toast.

2. Brownie


Do you love brownie? And Do you have a microwave?Here, then, I am sharing you simple and basic preparation for making brownie, However, one can add more ingredients and variations once you are perfect for this basic recipe.


–   2 cup sugar

–   1 cup Butter

–   1 cup Vanilla excerpt

–   3 to 4 eggs

–   ½ salt,1/2 baking powder,

–   1 ½ cup all-purpose flour or “Maida”

–   ½ cup walnuts pieces


–   Take a pan and melt the butter in it and mix all other ingredients well with it.

–   Bake at 348 degrees F( 175 degrees C) for 25 to 30 minutes.

That’s it your brownie is done, one can have it with different flavors of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry etc.

3. Pineapple bread crust



–   1 crushed fresh pineapple

–   1 cup light cream

–   3.4 ounces vanilla or vanilla pudding

–   Biscuit crush


–   Mix Vanilla, cream, and crushed pineapple

–   Pour it into biscuit crush and spread it

–   That’s it. Before serving one can dress it with cream or cocoa sauce as per taste.

4. Tiramisu Plunge



500-gram cream cheese or one can make it in home check this link

– 3/4 cup sugar

– 1 spoon coffee powder

– 1 spoon white rum ( optional if you want, however, it’s better to add for perfect taste)

– 2 spoon chocolate chips or one can make small pieces of Chocolate

–   Cocoa powder


–   Combine cream cheese, sugar, coffee powder, and rum in one bowl, Mix it well until it looks creamy.

–   Dressing the cream with chocolate chips and cocoa powder

–   That’s it serve with cookies and toast.

5. Strawberry Cobbler



-3/4 cup strawberry

– ¼ cup crushed Sugar

-1/3 cup flour

– 1 spoon sugar

-1 spoon butter

-2 spoon milk


–   Mix up chopped strawberry and crushed sugar combine both in one mug

–   In the other bowl, mix baking powder, sugar, flour, and butter first mix all items, then put milk in it and beat again.

–   One can add peace of bread on it if like and shower some sugar on it.

–   Put that bowl in a microwave for 2 minutes and then wait till it cool. That’s it.

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