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Inspiration for Ladies – 5 Celebrity Wives of Successful Actors Who are Running Successful Business


Generally, if someone is a wife of rich and well-known actor, then generally people think she may be spending money on her husband in Kitty parties, shopping, and beauty parlor. However, the wives of these Bollywood actors prove everybody wrong and set the example towards the society that one should also complete her dream of marriage.

Every housewife of all ages, from every region, and religion should learn here, although your husband is successful but if you start working

It will give you confidence,

Increase wealth of your family,

One can use her income as savings,

One can grow and learn as a person,

Teach practicality to her children about life.

Here, are the 5 super successful wives of the Bollywood actors

  1. Sussanne Khan


Although Sussanne and Hrithik are now not husband and wife, still they are very close. She is a daughter of Sanjay Khan and from very good and settled family, although she started her career in Interior designing. Today Sussanne is one of the top interior designers in the industry and earns more than we can think. Sussanne believes in stand tall and dares to dream impossible.

If you want to look her exceptional creations, then click here,

  1. Mana Shetty

How women can handle profitable ventures as well as manage the duties of the house, one should really learn from the Mana Shetty wife of Sunil Shetty. Sunil Shetty is one of the rich actors in Bollywood and do you know the reason behind it? His multi-talented wife Mrs. Mana Shetty. As per sources, Mrs. Shetty is richer than her husband. Mana is handling real estate business, lifestyle store and also engages with “Save the children India” NGO.

  1. Shobha Kapoor

Who is the main person behind the success of Ekta Kapoor? It’s her mother and wife of famous actor Jeetendra. Once upon a time in Mumbai, Dirty Picture, Ragini MMS, Half Girlfriend all this movie made under her observation. Shobha Kapoor is the mind behind all the success today Balaji Telefilms and Ekta Kapoor got.

  1. Gauri Khan

When you have a husband like “King Khan” Shahrukh Khan than every luxury of the world is just a minute away from you. Gauri is smart here, she diversified her businesses, she joined hands with Sussane in charcoal project, Open her own Gauri khan interior designing store in Mumbai, worked as a filmmaker in Main Hoon Na, Chennai express, Dilwale, Raees, etc. link-Gauri’s store

  1. Seema Khan

Seema Khan is a sister- in- law of “Sultan of Bollywood” Salman Khan and wife of well-known producer and the director Sohail Khan. If you are coming from such a big family, then there is no necessity of work, although like other super businesswomen she designs dresses in the famous films. Seema was the key person to design the look of Mona sigh of “Jessi Jaisi Koi Nhi”.

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