Look at These 7 Gujarati Business Tycoons who rule Indian Business

Every state of India is having fabulous culture, places and specific talents which makes the country more powerful in the world. Nowadays, due to wider information, one can find every community in all businesses and in every job. Although, There are communities who gave their contribution in the particular field for a long time and still they are giving for the growth of the country. Like Punjabi, Uttrakhand people, Nepali, people from the northeast, Marathis give a huge contribution to Indian army from ages. People from Bengal, Odisha, South India contribute to science, technology, art, and culture and same way people of North India contribute in Public departments. Like, All these above communities Marvadis and Gujaratis have a specific skill to do business due to that you will see them in all sectors of business. Let’s look some of the prominent business personalities of Gujarat.

1.Mukesh Ambani


One cannot miss this personality when you are considering the businessmen of India. He is the richest person in India. He is director of Reliance group and handling long conglomerate. The Reliance group is in various businesses like telecom, petroleum, Gas, textiles, etc. Mukesh Bhai is handling each business very efficiently and the group is always staying on top where they are.

  1. Dilip Shanghavi

Dilip Shanghvi, he is a very low profile businessman who stays away from the charm of media. Mr. Shanghavi runs one of the most profitable pharma company in the world. Till Today no one can replace the position of Mukesh Ambani as a top richest man in India only Mr.Dilip Shaghavi did in the past. His pharma company selling drugs all over India and abroad.

3.Gautam Adani

Adani group is one of the fastest growing group right now, Mr. Gautam Adani is a very efficient businessman, he starts his journey from very low to reach this level. The Adani group is dealing with coal, mine, gas, power, ports, agriculture, and infrastructure, etc.

4.Azim Premji


He is one the richest Muslim in the country. Azim Premji is the head of famous IT company Wipro. Many people call him Bill Gates Of India due to he used to do more charity work and spending money on providing good schools. Mr. Premji stays in Banglore, but his family belongs from Kutch.

5.Uday Kotak


After the merger with ING Vyasya Kotak bank is becoming one of the fastest growing private banks. All credit goes to the head of the team Mr. Uday Kotak. He is the first banker who started a first small financial firm and turned it into the biggest private sector bank.

  1. Romesh Wadhwani

Romesh is the head of the Symphony technology group which makes the software, internet and technology service company. Mr. Wadhwani is very famous in the silicon valley, He is the chairman of the Symphony IRI Group, Symphony Telco Group, and Symphony Health solution.

7.Bharat Desai

Mr. Bharat is one the prominent personality in the outsourcing and IT sector. He is head of the Syntel outsourcing solution company which is having its headquarter in Michigan, US. His company operates in more than 24 cities all around the world.

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