Have You Read These 6 most Influential Business Books

These can change your life

Here is the ultimate list of business books which has the power to influence the world and change the meaning of business.

  1. The Art of War(Sun TZU)
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 This book is written for the military leaders to plan tactics in front of the enemy. This book followed many times in the war like in Vietnam war American and French troops use it, Mao Tse- Tung to control China with guerilla technique. But one can use this book for business in negotiations. The book is more about how one can make a strategy to fix the most complex issues in the business.

  1. Who moved my cheese (Spencer Johnson and Kenneth. H)
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The book teaches you here that how one can manage unexpected change in career, relationship and family life. Have you ever failed in your business, career or in a relationship? Many of us think that it’s an end of the world, but the book said doesn’t focus on this thing which you had taken granted think something new.

  1. Eat those frog-21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more things done in less time (Brian Tracy)
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Now, this book can be useful for everyone from student to struggle, from housewife to working women and from businessman to the employee. This book teaches you simple 21 ways to manage work and to complete your task done. The book shows you how to manage the priority of works and reduce the delays. This book does not give you psychology theory of delaying work, but give influence you to get organized your work, make your life easy and gain skills to achieve more than the average person.

  1. One Minute Manager( Spencer Johnson and Kenneth. H)

The book is quite old but still, it influences the leaders to manage people. In older times people believe that one of the toughest jobs is to handle employees, but this book changes their thinking. In this book simple rules to manage people and take work efficiently. The book is not only successful, but it changes the thinking of the business world.

  1. Rich Dad and Poor Dad (Robert t. Kiyosaki)
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If you ask me which book is currently most influence lots of people in the world, then it is a rich dad and a poor dad. The book clearly shows the thinking difference between rich and poor. Author of the book shows how rich person is rich and why a poor person is poor. The author here, clearly mentions that secured job will never make you rich one should earn that generates money passively. If you really want to become rich and successful, then, this book has just for you. Just invest some time.

  1. Think and grow rich( Napoleon Hill)
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Yes, the number one spot for this book already 20 million copies of this book has been sold already. Many people change their life after reading this book it will change your thinking about the success. In 1930’s Napoleon Hill interviewed the people who already got a taste of success and analyze their attributes. Each chapter of the book will excite to read more to achieve success.

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