7 Tips to The Art of Dirty Talking with Your Partner

There’s no harm in engaging in some explicit dirty talking. Don’t shy away! It can, in fact, help in escalating the sexual desire in your partner. Words can do so much. Dirt talking is all about having fun and arousing your partner. It ain’t that difficult. It just means speaking your mind to your partner in steamier terms about how you’re feeling at that moment. Dirty talk doesn’t really mean using bad words. Here’s how you can talk dirty without sounding desperate and sans embarrassment:

1. Being comfortable:

You need to chill and don’t think much. Stay in your comfort zone that is comfortability in terms of sex. Pro tip: Heavy breathing and moaning does half of the work because how you express yourself is important.

2. Take a lead:

Be the one to take the first move. Talk about how a particular session went and what you liked about it. Throwing complements, “It feels great” boosts your partner’s confidence and makes them more comfortable. Break the silence, make a move.

3. Talk about your wild fantasies:

Talk about how much you loved a particularly steamy scene in a movie expresses your fantasies. Say, “I like it like that”. Be precise about it.

4. Play with your partner:

Be flirty, sound sex. Talk to your partner playfully and tease them. You could say, “Do you like it when I kiss you like this?” This will excite your partner and turn them on. Whispering into ears also works.

5. Make sure whether he/she is okay with it:

Let your partner feel comfortable by asking if it’s fine. Watch out whether there’s reciprocity.

6. Be careful with your words:

Your words can either turn them on or turn them off. Try not to use words that offend your partner. Skip the part that they don’t like. Building an understanding is important. Don’t kill the vibe.

7. Adding spice to it:

Make it exciting by spicing up the conversation rather than making it boring. Turn a boring conversation into a naughty spicy one. Having fun is the key. Take about the favourite part of an erotica or a novel.

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