Pretty Long Hair Curtain Bangs For Women

Pretty Long Hair Curtain Bangs For Women

Are you a woman with long hair looking to enhance your style with a trendy yet versatile hairstyle? Look no further than curtain bangs! This sought-after hair trend has gained immense popularity among women in recent years. Curtain bangs are a face-framing fringe that adds softness and dimension to long hair, creating a stunning and chic look. In this blog post, we will dive into the world of curtain bangs for women with long hair, exploring different types of hairstyles and providing you with all the information you need to make a confident style statement.

What are Curtain Bangs?

Pretty Long Hair Curtain Bangs For Women

Curtain bangs, also known as Bardot bangs or fringe, refer to a specific type of hairstyle where the bangs are parted in the middle, framing the face on either side. Inspired by the iconic ’60s and ’70s styles, curtain bangs offer a retro vibe with a modern twist. The key feature of curtain bangs is the soft, wispy texture that seamlessly blends into long hair, creating a flattering and feminine appearance. This hairstyle suits various face shapes and hair types, making it a versatile choice for women with long hair.

The Benefits of Curtain Bangs

Pretty Long Hair Curtain Bangs For Women

Curtain bangs offer numerous benefits that make them an attractive option for women with long hair. Firstly, they provide a refreshing change without sacrificing the length of your hair. Unlike traditional blunt bangs, curtain bangs can be easily grown out or swept to the sides when you want a different look. Secondly, curtain bangs beautifully frame the face, drawing attention to your best features and enhancing your overall appearance. They can help to soften strong jawlines, highlight cheekbones, and balance out facial proportions. Moreover, curtain bangs offer versatility in styling. They can be worn straight, curled, or wavy, and can be easily incorporated into various updos and half-up styles, adding an extra touch of elegance to your look.

Pretty Long Hair Curtain Bangs For Women

Types of Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

Classic Curtain Bangs:

Pretty Long Hair Curtain Bangs For Women

The classic curtain bangs are characterized by their even length and center parting. They fall softly on both sides of the face, creating a natural and effortless look. This style works well with long, straight hair and suits a wide range of face shapes.

Wispy Curtain Bangs:

wispy curtain bangs long hair

Wispy curtain bangs feature delicate, feathered ends that add movement and texture to your hairstyle. They create a soft and romantic look, perfect for women with long wavy or curly hair. This style adds an ethereal touch and complements bohemian-inspired outfits.

Blunt Curtain Bangs:

Pretty Long Hair Curtain Bangs For Women

For those seeking a bolder statement, blunt curtain bangs are an excellent choice. This style features a straight-across cut with no layers, offering a more defined and edgy look. Blunt curtain bangs work well with straight or slightly wavy long hair and can create a strong focal point for your face.

Side-Swept Curtain Bangs:

Pretty Long Hair Curtain Bangs For Women

Side-swept curtain bangs offer a versatile and effortless style. As the name suggests, these bangs are swept to one side, adding asymmetry and elegance to your look. Side-swept curtain bangs work well with any hair texture and can be easily incorporated into various hairstyles, from loose curls to sleek updos.

Pretty Long Hair Curtain Bangs For Women

Braided Crown with Curtain Bangs:

braided crown

Combine the elegance of a braided crown with the softness of curtain bangs for a stunning and romantic look. Create two braids on each side of your head, wrapping them around the crown and securing them with pins. Let your curtain bangs frame your face, adding a touch of whimsy and femininity.

Half-Up Ponytail with Curtain Bangs:

Pretty Long Hair Curtain Bangs For Women

For a chic and effortless hairstyle, gather the top half of your hair into a ponytail while leaving the rest of your hair down. Allow your curtain bangs to frame your face gracefully. This style is perfect for casual outings or even formal occasions, offering a balance between sophistication and ease.

Messy Bun with Curtain Bangs:

how to do a messy bun

Achieve a relaxed yet stylish look by gathering your hair into a messy bun at the nape of your neck. Leave a few loose strands around your face, including your curtain bangs, to add a soft and playful touch. This hairstyle is ideal for both casual and formal events, providing a trendy and carefree vibe.

Beach Waves with Curtain Bangs:

Beach Waves

Enhance the natural beauty of your long hair by adding beach waves to the mix. Use a curling wand or braids overnight to achieve loose and effortless waves. Let your curtain bangs blend into the waves, creating a harmonious and carefree hairstyle that exudes beachy vibes.

Sleek High Ponytail with Curtain Bangs:

high ponytail hairstyle

For a sleek and polished look, gather your long hair into a high ponytail. Straighten your curtain bangs to perfection, framing your face with a sleek and chic touch. This hairstyle is versatile and works well for both formal occasions and everyday wear, giving you a sophisticated and put-together appearance.

Side Braid with Curtain Bangs:

Side Braid

Create a charming and feminine look by incorporating a side braid into your hairstyle. Sweep your curtain bangs to one side and gather the rest of your hair into a loose or tight braid. This style adds texture and dimension to your hair while allowing your curtain bangs to steal the show with their delicate framing effect.

Remember, these are just a few examples of how you can combine curtain bangs with various hairstyles for women with long hair. Experiment with different techniques and find the ones that best suit your personal style and preferences. With curtain bangs, the possibilities are endless, and you can always create a unique and stunning hairstyle that reflects your individuality.


Curtain bangs for women with long hair are a fabulous hairstyle choice that combines versatility, femininity, and a touch of vintage charm. Whether you opt for the classic, wispy, blunt, or side-swept style, curtain bangs offer endless possibilities to enhance your long hair’s beauty. The soft, face-framing effect of curtain bangs adds a touch of glamour to any look and complements various face shapes and hair textures. Embrace this trend, and you’ll find yourself turning heads wherever you go.

Remember, when it comes to curtain bangs, consultation with a professional hairstylist is essential. They can assess your hair type, face shape, and personal preferences to create a customized curtain bangs style that suits you perfectly. So go ahead, take the plunge, and experience the transformative power of curtain bangs!

Pretty Long Hair Curtain Bangs For Women

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