What Happens When You Carry Triplets!

Maria from Denmark shares the story

Monozygotic pregnancy leads to the birth of triplets. 1 in every 35 children is a triplet, that’s how rare it is. Let’s hear it from Maria, 36, Copenhagen, Denmark who just delivered her triplets a few days back this week. The 36-year-old mommy hailing originally from Norway has taken the internet by storm with all her pregnancy pictures. She’d been documenting each and every moment throughout her pregnancy. Maria is currently an internet sensation with a following of 185k on Instagram. Check out her Instagram account: triplets_of_copenhagen.


On 9th May, Maria made the exciting announcement via her Instagram handle:

“There are THREE! Me in the car back home from the hospital, an hour after receiving the big news.
We had our first ultrasound at exactly 13 weeks, and got the biggest surprise of our life. Total shock.
And three perfectly shaped babies.

Ever since the grand announcement, she’s been posting pictures on her Instagram account keeping everyone updated throughout the beautiful journey:

Image credits: triplets_of_copenhagen
Image credits: triplets_of_copenhagen

Maria and Ander are already parents to a 2-year-old son and are super thrilled to add three more members to the family branch.

Image credits: triplets_of_copenhagen

What made Maria’s pregnancy recherche is the fact that she got pregnant without IVF and yet conceived triplets.

Image credits: triplets_of_copenhagen
Image credits: triplets_of_copenhagen

They had to bid adieu to their former SUV and get a minibus:

Image credits: triplets_of_copenhagen

From posting pictures about her dreadful midnight nausea to flaunting the dilated blood vessels on her face, Maria gave us an insight into conceiving triplets.

Image credits: triplets_of_copenhagen

“The dilated blood vessels in my face really pops out when I’m pregnant! And tears don’t help either… Just one of these days when I’m really missing my friends and family in Norway… ? All this alone time that I have now in my pregnancy leave doesn’t help on that exactly…”

“Ended up at the hospital last Friday and had to spend the night, because of heavy dizziness and nausea that kicked me out for 6 hours straight. Luckily it didn’t affect the babies, and I was fine again later that evening, but it gave me a fright. I really do have to slow down even more, and realize how big an effort my body is making in producing three babies…”

Image credits: triplets_of_copenhagen


Image credits: triplets_of_copenhagen

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33 + 4 weeks with the triplets. ?????? A little video to show how big my belly is now. ?? ⠀ #expectingtriplets #33weekspregnant #triplets ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ?? This video is managed by UNILAD, for any requests, please contact ⠀ ⠀

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Image credits: triplets_of_copenhagen

“At 08.55, 08.56 and 08.57 today we welcomed our beautiful babies to the world. ❤️❤️❤️ ⠀

Iben – 1850 g, 48 cm
Filip – 2070 g, 48 cm
Agnes – 2335 g, 47 cm

Everything went really well, and we are so happy and relieved.”

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