Visa on arrival for Indians! – Make a plan, visit these 8 beautiful countries in 2018

Indians love to discover different places. Due to that reason, as per UN world tourism organization predicts that in 2020 Indian tourist will increase to double. Many tourists out there who are frequent tourists to visit different countries. There is a new group of tourists who are young and want to explore the world first time. Every month the percentage of these new tourists also increasing in India. Hence, many tourism boards of other countries attracting these tourists to visit their countries. Although, in the many country visa process is very hectic and takes too much time. To solve your this problem we prepared a list of the countries where on Indian passport you get a visa on arrival.

  1. Kenya

If you have an Indian passport and want to, you can enjoy wildlife and nature than Kenya is the perfect place for you. The government of Kenya provides visa on arrival permission for 3 months. Hence, enjoy the nature of Mount Kilimanjaro and wildlife tourism.

  1. Jordan

If you want to visit a Dead sea than Jordan is the best place to visit. In Jordan, incredible local culture, lovely Islamic Mosques, and historical places are there. One can get a visa on arrival in Jordan with a limit of 2 weeks.

  1. Madagascar

Madagascar provides Indian visa on arrival for 3 months. Hence, here one can visit each corner like, explore beaches, a forest of knives, Royal hill and avenue of baobabs.

  1. Maldives

Do you need to go honeymoon together with your associate? If sure, then visit the Maldives as it’s going to make your honeymoon memorable. In the Maldives, Indian can stay for 3 months on an Indian passport. Hence, one should no longer omit this opportunity to explore this superb island

  1. Seychelles

If not the Maldives then right here, I’m giving you a choice of Seychelles. Remarkable small African country for its fantastic seashores and nature proficient islands. Go to Mahe Island, Victoria, Platte, and Coetivy.

  1. Mauritius

Mauritius is for honeymooners as well as for circle of family travelers also. Here, One can experience the pristine clear seashore of this high-quality. One can also enjoy the water sports hobby. Indian can stay here until 60 days on the Indian passport.

  1. Macau

The city is one of the most shining cities of Asia and a few also known as playing capital due to many casinos. One could take a flight from Delhi and flight charges also are low cost. So pack your bag for Macau.

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most famous destinations for Indian travelers. Indonesia is famous for its port Bali for great seashore and Hindu lifestyle make it greater attractive for Indian visitor.

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