12 Types Of Kisses Girls Like Most

Types Of Kisses

We all love someone in our life. It can be family, friends or a partner. Not always but it is necessary to sometimes show your affection to them. You have many ways to do so. A form of display which doesn’t involve words is something that goes straight to their heart and they remember it forever. A Kiss is one such a great way to show your loved ones that you love them. Well, talking about kisses let’s learn about some types of kisses which your female partner is going to love.

Kiss is the most perfect and versatile thing which is both intimate, not intimate, sweet, sexy and all. It can be a thing between you and your love in any occasion. The type of kiss you use for the moment decides what you are going to make her think about you. A kiss can make her feel relived or loved or just that she means a lot to you.

Here are most sought romantic and different types of kisses for her you can try.

Peck on lips

Types of Kisses

It is a universal kiss. You can kiss anyone on lips (just a peck) like your daughter or partner or anyone. It is not very intimate in nature. You can have this gesture with your partner during the initial days of dating. This will give her a good feeling and a good kick start to both of you.

American kiss

Types Of Kisses

Ahead of pecks when you feel you can go a little further with her but not so far, you can go for an American kiss. It is a bit of peck but with open lips. Both of you have to open your lips a little apart and embrace each other’s lips in between. It doesn’t involve the use of tongue like the next one. It is the kiss which we get to see in movies. Also it is a nice move to take your relationship one step ahead.

French kiss

Well, this is the one, the type of kiss you know she will definitely like if she loves you. Make sure you have her consent before you get into it with her. This involves the use of tongue. It can start with an American kiss and then the tongue gets involved. Before you go for it make sure you have nice soft lips and good breath. Bad breath and chapped lips might get a bad impression on her.

Kiss on cheeks

Types of Kisses

This is the type of kiss everyone has experienced in their life from parents, friends or partner. It is not very much intimate as French kiss but it does conveys that you love her. It can be done in public and private both. This shows that you not only love her but admire her too, that you like everything about her. It can be given in a light hearted moments like casually talking or just walking around or having coffee together.

The forehead thing

Types of Kiss

There are many kinds of kisses, but this one is the thing totally full of emotions. It shows that you care so much about her. That she makes everything so good for you. This kiss also means that she is completely safe with you and you are there for her always. Never miss the emotion part of a relationship if you want it to go long. Girls love emotional embraces from their man.

The sweet Eskimo

This is a really sweet and heart-warming type of kiss you can give her butterflies with. It has no role of mouth at all. This includes rubbing your nose with her nose as sign of love between you. Many times such lovey-dovey gestures help you earn her trust which is the basis of a strong and long lasting relationship.

That kiss on neck

The type of kiss which involves kissing on the neck is generally seductive in nature. Neck is a very sensitive part of body which gets tickled easily. A soft kiss planted here can make her go crazy for you. It is generally preceded by French kiss.

On her eyes

They say eyes speak. Is it true? Yes it is. Of course they don’t speak words but they do convey messages which can be read by someone who knows her. It should be you. All her emotions will be visible in her eyes. They are the mirror of the mind. A kiss on eyes means that you are able to know about her even without conversation. When you can do that, she will know that you are the one for her.

On her shoulder

This is a kind of non-intimate intimacy. It’s not going to turn her up but will make her feel better and at least that you care for her.

Butterfly kiss

Types Of Kisses

As you know eyes an important connection to the mind and heart. This type of kiss is not actually a kiss it’s just a little closeness with her. Your lashes touch with her’s. The touching of lashes is smooth and feathery, which makes it feel like a kiss from butterfly and hence the name.

A kiss on hands

Types Of Kisses

This is a sign of respect and admiration. A girl always holds her respect until she falls for the wrong person. Make her believe that you are the right person. Make sure to have both love and respect for each other.

One on the top of head

This is a sign of assurance and relief. Situations may get a little tough at times. Stay strong and let her know that you always got her back.

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