Top 6 Offbeat Jobs Which We Can Never Think Of

Many countries are facing unemployment problems due to the low job and high level of job seekers. Why are we facing such problems? Does really Job market is shrinking? Does really competition is too high that an average candidate is unable to fetch his dream job? Yes, all above questions are very true nowadays, it is very difficult to grab a good job which can give you satisfaction and good pay. We are facing high competition due to we always follow traditional jobs for a career. Let’s look some of the offbeat jobs of the world.

  1. Tea Taster


How cool to tasting various types of tea and getting paid for it. Yes, one can make his or her career in Tea tasting industry and this job is high paying job too, and this tester not only have to taste the quality of tea, but also must have knowledge of branding, manufacturing, and good knowledge of cultivation as well as planting process of tea.

Below are Indian institutes

                -Assam agriculture university

               -Birla institute of futuristic study

               -Indian Institute of plantation management

               – Tea taster academy

               – Dipras institute of professional studies

  1. Color expert

Color expert is an expert in color psychology, its trends, its effect and its style, hence this expert tries to select the best color for their client whether it is a layout of a room or color used in the logo of the company and its website. There are many online courses which provide you the knowledge to become successful like.

  1. Spa management

Here, when we are talking about spa management it’s not the only job of a therapist but also include management of that spa center.The Spa industry is one the most growing industries around the world, as everyone needs relaxation. Training centers like Ananda spa of Hyderabad and the orient spa of Jaipur provides good training to become a spa therapist.

  1. Feng Sui consultant

Feng Sui is a Chinese art and science which is used for good wealth, health, and for good luck. Feng Sui can be used in any part like home, office, and store. Here, one can also learn this art through website or else can also certify himself. As you can see the popularity of Feng Sui in India is increasing day by day, Now every big builder constructs its building through following Feng Sui principals.

  1. Gerontology

One who wants to make a career in the social work field, community services,nursing homes can study Gerontology which gives you knowledge of aging problems and social aspect of biological and psychological aspect of old age people.

  1. Chocolate tester and Wine tester

In both of this job profiles, one needs to be perfect in taste quality and production process. There are many other responsibilities for both the job roles. For wine testing institutes are Wine Academy of India, Chennai, and Indian wine academy, Delhi. For chocolate testers institute is Chocolate academy India, Mumbai.

Like these, there are various other offbeat jobs are available which are interesting as well as high paying.

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