Top 5 Languages for English Speakers to Learn Which will Increase Your Salary in the Future

In today’s world, everyone possesses degrees and a good score, then, what reasons can make your place strong against your competitors? It’s your other“skills”. Now, in skills also just knowing skills related to the industry will not only help you for that one need some extra skills which make you an important asset to a company. Proficiency in a foreign language gives you an edge than others, as well as it will open doors for many industries.

  1. French Language

French has a Long history and one of the most influential languages in Europe as well as in various parts of Africa. Until overtaken by the English, this language was highly spoken in the world. Still, 40 countries of the world speak this language. From this one can understand if you are better in French than you are able to communicate with people of almost 40 countries. French is also an official language of the UN, and Olympic committee.

  1. Mandarin

Mandarin is an official language of the Republic of China and second highest spoken language after English. China is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and one of the largest exporters of the world, hence it gives a huge push to Mandarin. Although still students not opting it due to that good salary and high growth possibility is there for Mandarin speakers.

  1. German

Do you want a good job in the western world? Do you want a high paying job in the USA and Europe? If yes, then start learning German from today itself, as this language is a difficult language than other European Languages. Vocal and extraordinary German will also open door for PHD students of well-known German Universities.

  1. Arabic

Do you know few Arabic countries currencies like Kuwaiti dinar, Omani rial, and Bahrain currency has a more value than the American dollar, Euro and British Pound? If you love Arabic and Muslim culture than one can earn more money in these Arab countries. Expertise in Arabic makes your life relatively very easy in these countries and make your CV powerful in front of Arabic employers.

  1. Spanish

Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world and many Latin American companies speak this language. Hence, if you are in the United States and you are interested in Banking, Healthcare and retail shop job than Spanish will be the perfect bait for you. Another benefit of this language is, one can learn it very easily than another language if you are an English speaker.

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