Top 25 Trendy Bedroom Decor Ideas


Your bedroom is your sweet haven, your personal sanctuary. It is your natural habitat to relax and let loose. You wake up to it every day and definitely you’d like to make it look the best. Also, we millennials deeply adore everything that’s Instagram worthy and aesthetic. Whether you are looking for a new bedroom makeover or just shifted to a new apartment, here are top 25 bedroom decor ideas that you definitely need to check out if you are feeling indecisive!



1. Sunshine in Your Room: Is yellow the colour for your spirit?
Turn your bedroom into a beam of sunshine by adding yellow as the dominant colour; Aztec print rug on the floor would look great! This is one of the bedroom decor ideas that highlight yellow.
top bedroom decor ideas 1 - yellow

2. Calm and Quaint: Let caramel shade rule your bedroom. A bedside pot of bonsai or snake plant would look uber chic! Furthermore, you can add yellow daisies to accentuate the look of your bedroom.
top bedroom decor ideas
3. Keep it cozy with wooden floors and chandelier. Got a habit of reading before you sleep? Well, you can add a colonial bedside table or simply a wooden block along with a reading lamp beside your bed to place your favourite books.
top bedroom decor ideas
4. Give a regal touch to your bedroom with paintings and an elegant mirror on the bed wall. A Murano chandelier would look stunning!
top bedroom decor ideas 4
5. Moving-in with your bae? This might be your ultimate room inspo. Make every day a Valentine’s Day. Rose-petal wallpaper and a drum shade or a fabric covered chandelier will give out the most romantic vibe 24/7.
top bedroom decor ideas
6. Who said sofas are not meant for bedrooms? We beg to differ and here’s why-

top bedroom decor ideas7. Another great option for couples. Keep it mushy with crimson, white and grey. Unleash your artistic side with a zebra wall art or any of your favourite wall art:

top bedroom decor ideas8. Bedroom inspo for every Boho chic out there. A fabric garland chandelier, a cute little circular mirror and some indoor vines or climbers and a bushy rug are all that you need:

top bedroom decor ideas 8

9. Black can never go out of style and make that clear to everyone with black walls in your bedroom! Make artistic addition to your room with bohemian lampshades on both the sides your bed and of course, bonsai for your eternal love for plants:

top bedroom decor ideas 9

10. A luxurious Scandinavian bedroom is all about playing with shades of grey and white. Use simple dried flowers on a vase and a fancy mirror to levitate the cool vibe of your room.

top bedroom decor ideas 10

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11. Magenta on my Mind. Who said red is the only colour of love? Magenta is nothing less. All the couples out there, take notes. Magenta walls on your bedroom wall will look incredible:

top bedroom decor ideas 11

12. Scarlet is in, so paint your new bedroom walls scarlet and complement them with striped polyester floor carpet and make your bedroom look magical:

top bedroom decor ideas 12

13. Sooth your soul every day with blues. Simplicity is the key. Let royal blue and white hues flirt with each other in your room. Get custom made rug to suit your lovely bedroom:

top bedroom decor ideas 13

14. A clutter-free simple Minimalist bedroom to wake up productive every day. For the ones who aren’t that fond of colours. Let white decorate your bedroom. Adorn the bedside with coordinated lamps on both the sides and add a snake plant to accentuate the entire look. Of course, use white sheer curtains to make it look even better :

top bedroom decor ideas 14

15. Add some chic element with a crème coloured Ottomon bench placed on a symmetric or maze print carpet. A white coloured coffee table by your bedside will complement greatly:

top bedroom decor ideas 15

16. On of the very clean bedroom decor ideas. Keep it simple with brass lamps, brass look extremely elegant hands-down. Duvet covers and abstract paintings will add charisma to the décor of your room. Place your favourite memories on the bedside table.:

top bedroom decor ideas 16

17. Did you know that orange is the colour that evokes excitement and energy, and with a splash of pink, it’ll make a great combination. However, let these colours be on your bedsheet, cushions and lampshades. The white walls will accentuate the contrast and make your bedroom look ultra-stylish :

top bedroom decor ideas 17

18. Running out of space in your apartment? A deluxe wallbed might be what you’re looking for. A wallbed with racks adjacent to it is great for the optimum space utilisation. Also, it gives a sturdy look to your bedroom:

top bedroom decor ideas 18

19. This bedroom décor inspo is definitely for the all dendrophiles out there. If you are enamoured by houseplants and don’t mind creating a mini-jungle in your bedroom then this is the one for you.

top bedroom decor ideas 19

20. Portray your love for modern abstract with grey and mustard yellow. It would look even better if you’re apartment has light brown teak wooden floors, since laminated wooden flooring takes the look over the top. You may add a grey velvet headboard to your bed if you wish to:
top bedroom decor ideas 20

21. Farmhouse bedroom is an American concept. It is all about Shiplap accent walls and rustic hues throughout the room. Stuff your bed with large puffy pillows. If this idea appeals to you then you should absolutely go old school with the farmhouse bedroom:
top bedroom decor ideas 21

22. An absolute dorm room favourite, soft fairy lights and LED lights are extremely soothing to the soul. Keep the bed comfy and cozy with various shapes of cushions and quilt bedsheets. Never let your inner light dim with these string lights in your bedroom:

top bedroom decor ideas 22

23. This one is definitely going to win the hearts of all teenage girls out there who love to play with symmetry. Using the colours-turquoise, grey and white carefully in your bedroom can give your bedroom the calmest vibe ever.

top bedroom decor ideas 23

24. Not really into decorating bedroom? Prefer an ultra-simple bedroom? Well, all you’ve got to do is paste your favourite band’s posters and inspirational quotes on the wall juxtapose to your bed. And tada! You’re done without much effort.

top bedroom decor ideas 24

25. For the Princess inside you, this is perfect among the bedroom decor ideas. A fancy silky grey headboard, some cute mushy cushions and stylish crystal lampshades on both the sides of your faux silk luxury bed- all these together will make you feel like nothing but a Disney princess:

top bedroom decor ideas 25

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