Take Life Lesson from These 6 Bollywood Films to Improve Your Life

It’s true that people generally more attracted towards film rather than books and novels, hence Bollywood films play a major role in the life of a common man. People adopt the fashion of new films very fast, however, here I would like them to take a few lessons from these films for a happy life.

1.Jab we met

The Message for a life- You will be always disappointed if you expect too much from others, as one will never live their life according to you, Both Shahid and Kareena experience the same thing, Shahid on the first and Kareena in the second half. Live your life with full of enjoyment in all circumstances without expecting from others.

2. English Vinglish

Message for life-

Excellent film of Gauri Shinde featuring Shridevi gives a message to all who have fear of English or any skills. One can only overcome this fear through self-improvement as well as self-confidence.

For housewives- Believe in yourself and your potential nothing is impossible for you whether its job, learning computer, or learning a new language, etc.There are many housewives who achieved a big success through a win over their fear.

  1. Taare Zameen Par

An excellent film of Amir Khan taught us that every child is having its own skills and capabilities no one in the world is dumb. Every parent should encourage their child and support them.

  1. Dil Dhadakne Do

Message for the life- In every family disputes are there between the members due to the generation gap, different ideologies. However, everyone needs to take steps and efforts by putting ego aside. Here in Movie dog is telling wise words. Same like, a small kid can also guide you to solve the dispute. The third lesson of the movie always follows your heart, as you will get a lot of advice but you know yourself better than others.

  1. My name is Khan


I think this film gives a good message to many people who judge others on their race, region, religion, cast, and their wealth. One cannot pass judgment on the full community on wrong did of one person or group of person, as every community has good people and bad people.

  1. Queen

The story is not only of Rani, many of us face break up problems, whether it is a boy or girl. That period is really frustrating, this film taught us to forget him or her, as something good is already waiting at your door. Break old conventions, enjoy present and bring out the little child from yours.

Everyone has some problems in their life, but everyone tackles it differently. If you want a happy life, then stop expecting from others, don’t judge people on their background, enjoy present rather been sad for the past, follow your heart and believe in yourself and keep one thing in mind nothing is impossible for you in the world, hence follow your dreams with a constant try.

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