No Robots Can Steal These 12 Jobs

Nowadays there is a fear of Artificial intelligence and new robotics technology in the employment market, as in future many jobs will take away from these robots. It’s true, those robots are one technological gift through which companies can complete the work within less time in an efficient way. Hence, to survive yourself against these robots which career you should choose or which jobs are secure.

12 Jobs that no robots can steal

  1. Psychiatrist

In the field of Psychiatrist, no robots can enter, as they cure mental health of human. To become psychiatrist one need to learn different types of human psychology, their emotions, their reaction etc.

  1. Physicians

Physicians Jobs are very hard for that one need to know each and every delicate part of the body. Nowadays, we also are seeing specialized physicians too. Hence it will be difficult for a robot to enter into this field.

  1. Nurses

As per latest Australian and Canadian labor report” Registered nurses are one of the most demanded skills”. This demand will be intact in future also no robots and technology can take over that. Robots are made for specific functions; hence the penetration of robots will be less in this multi-tasking profession of Nursing.

  1. Lawyers

Lawyers are the one who possesses excellent knowledge of the law of the country as well as they possess good debate and argue to win the case. Robots can help to process data; however, they cannot turn judge in their favor like the human can.

  1. Cooks/Chef

Like Nurses, One of the most demanded skills right now is of Chef or cook and it will remain the same in future. The robot can expertise in one function, but cannot do innovation in food from time to time as per human taste bud.

  1. Robotics engineers

Here, no need to give an explanation if you have a fear of those robots will snatch your job than become an engineer of robots itself

  1. Data science

Data science is a profession where humans use data-driven science with excellent scientific methods, hence this profession will be in huge demand in future.

  1. Writers and Authors

Here, I have a better ground to write. Writing is a profession where one needs to cure their readers. Some things which robots lack is the human expectation, emotions, and creativity. Hence this job is safe.

  1. Social worker

Again human emotions and enthusiasm is a key skill in this profession.

10. Human resource manager

There are many functions in human resource where robots may enter, although robots cannot understand human problems and personnel management.


  • Choreographer

No technology can ever overtake artistic skill of a person. Art is a passion and creativity.

  • Teacher

Whether it is a kindergarten teacher, school teacher or college professor no robot can take over this knowledge sharing professionals.

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