OTT Shows and Movies – New Streaming This Weekend

OTT Shows and Movies - New Streaming This Weekend

We all love watching shows that are new streaming this weekend, don’t we? A lot of shows are in the air now a days. With so many shows and movies streaming every day on various platforms it has become difficult to settle for a particular one. We get bored of scrolling unnecessarily for long to find a show to watch. Even the popcorn gets digested in the process. At last, we switch off the tv not finding a suitable one.

Even when big platforms like Netflix, amazon prime video and Disney+ hotstar release their weekly list of top premiers and most watched, we still get confused over which one to choose. All of us want to avoid that dilemma. Luckily, solving this problem we are presenting the round up of this week’s top 10 movies and shows that are new streaming this weekend together of all these platforms at a time making it easier for our OTT lovers.

Top 10 OTT Shows and Movies – New Streaming This Weekend

1. The Sandman (Netflix)

The entire show is based on a man, the Sandman (Tom Sturridge) who shapes our dreams, fantasies and deepest fears. He belongs to another dimension called the dream world. The dream aka the master of dreams gets captured for more than a century and imprisoned. Now after being set free he needs to travel to the different dimensions and time lines to control the havoc created in his absence but this is not as easy as it seems. The fiction is action packed and filled with thrillers best for all the thrill loves.

2. Carter (Netflix)

A man wakes up from deep sleep with no apparent memory due to a voice in his head. He has one mission to accomplish now. The story describes the way he starts the mission till he completes it and what happened in between. This movie is a perfect mixture of action, thrill and love .This real time action packed movie is great to give you chills. Adrenaline rush is guaranteed with the well packed action sequence and shots.

3. Never have I ever (season-3 on Netflix)

This is one of the most loved series on Netflix, which is the story of an Indian-American teenager. Its IMDB rating so far for the last two seasons is 7.8. This is a highly relatable story of teenage life, the ups and downs, society, family, friends and their impact on us. The teenage life mistakes, perceptions and how they overcome it is main story line. Season 3 is about how her family, friends and society makes it difficult for her to improve her status and life. The comic representation of real-life situations are the most noticeable things.

4. All or nothing: Arsenal (Amazon prime)

This is the one for the Arsenal fans. It gives you a great insight of the Arsenal and behind the scenes. The show is based on documentaries focusing on clubs from NFL and NHL to association and American college football. What we see is not everything. Behind the curtains it shows how wins and loses and the fans affect them. Their perspective of matches they play and the interaction between them. This is a must watch for all the sports lover especially football.

5. Thirteen lives (Amazon prime)

Ron Howard directed another masterpiece in thriller. The film is about 2018 rescue of a boy soccer team and its coach from Tham Luang Thai cave. This movie focuses on the condition of the boys stuck in cave. Their mental and physical state and everything they went through in those days without food or water. There is another movie on Disney+ which focuses on the efforts by the divers and the rescue team.

6. Kaduva (Amazon prime)

This south-Indian action sequence film is based on the rivalry between a young high range rubber planter and a high- ranking police officer in Kerala. The script is based on Pala of 90s, hence there is no showoff of modern technology, only pure nature-based scenes. This movie is a perfect combination of drama, emotions like hatred, anger, disgust and shock along with action scenes that makes it a mass entertainer. This movie for sure deserves a view.

7. The Warrior (Disney+)

This movie starring Ram Pothineni and Kirti Shetty is an action- packed warm love story. The boy is in a new city doing his MBBS when he falls in love with a girl there. The love story was blossoming when he messes up with a local goon. His life isn’t same thereafter. The action begins now. While the MBBS life shows the cute and intellectual side of Ram the action scenes shows his fierce side. Overall their chemistry and fighting scenes stole the show. It is worth a watch.

8. I am Groot (Disney+)

One of the most adorable yet fierce character in Marvel cinematic universe is Groot, be it the baby Groot or the adult. This series is based on life of Groot, how he grows up among stars, the difficulties he faces and everything. Even though all he can say is “I am Groot”, all his emotions are shown perfectly relative to humans through that one sentence. Its first episode is premiering on 10th august. This is just perfect for a Marvel fan and worth being watched. You can watch it anytime on Disney+ Hotstar.

9. Buzz Light Year (Disney + hotstar)

One of the most famous movies of Pixar animations is Toy story series. Buzz light year is one of the main characters in it. Now the Buzz Light year is here to show us his story of origin, the space ranger on an inter galactic adventure with his team-mates and how he saved them all from destruction by space evil residents. This sci-fi space action based animated movie is great for relieving childhood days with some thrill and action.

10. Darlings (Netflix)

This is a comic and mysterious story of a girl named Badru played by beautiful Alia Bhatt. Not all love stories are filled with sweetness. This movie is all about the bitter side of love stories presented in a comic way. The story gets darker and has an unpredictable plot twist and surprise to keep you hooked. The story line represents some serious issues of domestic violence. This a big surprise for Alia Bhatt’s huge fan base.

So, get your popcorn ready to watch the best of the shows that are new streaming this weekend.

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