10 Lucky Plants that Bring Health, Wealth, and Happiness to Your Home

Lucky Plants

Talking about plants everyone knows how important they are. Starting from oxygen to providing us food, there is absolutely no life without plants. Some of them are very fond of gardening. But when you look at the decoration of your house, it becomes absolutely necessary to see which particular plant looks aesthetic and give your house the outlook you imagined. But what if we tell you, certain plants can bring good luck too! Yes, you read it correctly. Some of these green beings besides providing you with innumerable benefits also bring you health, wealth,happiness and luck.

Lucky Plants
Lucky Plants

According to Feng Shui, an art that patronizes keeping plants within homes classifies some plants as “lucky plants”. They are known to bring fortune to your house. In this article, we provide you with insights into Feng Shui lucky plants and help you bring good luck, and fortune into your house.
Some good luck plants you must have at home

Below we provide you with some of the home-friendly plants which bring a good dose of luck to you. Scroll down to know them.

1. Jade plant

Lucky Plants - Wittyduck - Jade plant
Jade plant
  • Having Jade plant in your house or office is considered auspicious
  • This beautiful succulent plant with vibrant green leaves signifies growth and renewal, closely resembling jade coins/stones, symbolic of wealth and prosperity
  • Very popular in Asia
  • It is known to radiate “chi” – a positive energy
  • Facing it southeast is good for business

2. Rubber plant

Lucky Plants - Wittyduck - Rubber plant
Rubber plant
  • Known to attract wealth, prosperity, and good luck
  • Has thick large green or white-cream or burgundy red leaves
  • Often associated with positive energy
  • Very famous in Amazon region of South America
  • Also called rubber fig, Indian rubber bush, or rubber bush

3. Palms

Lucky Plants - Wittyduck - Palms

  • Known to attract good energy and bring positivity and goodness
  • They have large distinct leaves and will good as a decorative
  • They also activate the missing or absent feng shui element in the room
  • Best when planted in front of the house
  • These ornamental plants help to keep one’s wealth, bring joy, love, and happiness

4. Potted Orchids

Lucky Plants - Wittyduck - Potted Orchids

  • Help you get a good night sleep by giving oxygen at night
  • They are known to nurture and enrich the current relationship and help find your love
  • It symbolizes good relationships, happiness, and better fertility
  • They bring good luck, wealth, and especially love
  • Very famous among the Chinese people

5. Pachira Money Tree

Lucky Plants - Wittyduck - Pachira Money Tree

  • Attract wealth and bring good luck
  • Usually braided together to get the good luck, best with 4-5 braids
  • It symbolizes growth, good fortune, and good luck
  • Tropical wetland trees
  • Very popular in Central and South America

6. Peace Lily

Lucky Plants - Wittyduck - Peace Lily

  • Cleans environment from all kind of contamination
  • Grows well with little light as well
  • Consists of long strappy green leaves and brilliant white flowers
  • Often associated with purity, prosperity, innocence, peace, and sympathy
  • Popularly found in tropical America

7. Tulsi

  • In Hindu mythology, philosophers hold tremendous significance
  • Widely called near Asia
  • They eliminate house and reduce positive thoughts
  • It helps you get wealth, luck, and happiness in your life
  • According to the Vastu, It brings positive energy

8. Snake plant

Lucky Plants - Wittyduck - Snake plant

  • Commonly called a mother in law’s tongue
  • They radiate strong protective energy and shields from negative energy.
  • It is believed to be a lucky plant
  • Thee plant is often considered in Feng Shui circles as a bad plant, but when placed in a secluded area in a crowded home, it gives a strong positive vibe in the environment
  • For their ability to absorb poisonous gases from the air, removing toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene, they are regarded to be the good luck plants

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9. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Plants - Wittyduck - Lucky Bamboo

  • it symbolizes luck and fortune, power and honor
  • The five key Feng Shui elements- Fire, Earth, Wood, Water, and Metal, bring harmony and harbor and nurture positive Life experiences
  • It attracts peace, fortune, health, love, and luck
  • Best when placed at east or southeast direction of the house
  • Very famous in Asian and Chinese culture

10. Money plant

Lucky Plants
Lucky Plants
  • Has deep roots and vibrant growth
  • The smooth and round-edged leaves are considered a sign of great luck in Fengshui
  • This plant brings positive energies
  • It has a strong effect on one’s financial well being
  • Never put the money plant in east or west direction as it brings misfortune

Hence these are the top 10 lucky plants that you can have at your house to attract good luck and fortune. Select the plant which will go with your house type.
Invite good fortune!



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