Do You Know these Top 10 Majestic Shopping Malls ?

The Shopping mall is the best spot for locals for shopping, chatting, meeting, eating and for the fun activities. The shopping malls are a great place, where one can purchase different products of various brands under one complex. These shopping malls provide a cozy and attractive environment to the customers, which encourage them to explore the more shops to purchase. Do you know these top 10 majestic malls in the world? If not, then let’s check.

  1. Sunway Pyramid Mall

The Mall is one of the big attractions in Malaysia. The Sunway pyramid Malaysia’s first theme-based mall and also second biggest mall. You will be amazed to know that the area of the mall is 4,260,000square feet. This mall comprises various shops and outlets like Fashion, videos, gifts, leathers, shoes, accessories, books, Pharmacy, music and electronic products etc.

  1. Persian gulf complex

The Persian Gulf complex is a mall located in Shiraz of Iran. This complex also includes Burj Fars International a hotel, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, convention center,  and helipad, as well as two amusement parks, mean everything in just one place.

  1. 1 Utama

In Selangor, there are some of the great malls of Malaysia and one of it is 1 Utama. This is a mall is having one of the largest rooftop gardens in the whole of south-east Asia, two multiplexes, 4 sports centers, Padang Futsal court, baseball batting cages as well as 2 karaoke centers, etc.

  1. Isfahan city center

It is one of the largest commercial and entertainment centers in Iran. This mall is different from others as it is the shopping mall having a museum inside. The shopping mall is also having a 5-star hotel, financial center and airlines offices inside it.

  1. SM seaside city

The shopping complex is also known as seaside among the locals. This shopping mall is third largest shopping complex in the Philippines. The SM Seaside is owned by the SM group who also constructed other two big malls in the Philippines. The mall is 5,064,300 square feet long.

  1. SM Megamall

The Philippines are having huge shopping malls than the world all credit goes to the SM group. This mall is located in Mandaluyong in the Philippines. The total area of this shopping complex is 5,100,000 square feet.

  1. SM City North EDSA

This Mall is situated in Quezon City of the Philippines and one of the biggest malls in the country. The mall is 5.360,000 square feet long. This mall is one the largest mall which runs on solar power and more than 1000 retail outlets and over 400 restaurants.

  1. Golden resources mall

As per locals, this mall is famous as the “extraordinary mall of China”. It takes two days to visit full mall if you visit each and every shop. One can here find everything from furniture to clothes to jaguars to diapers to violins everything.

  1. SM Tianjin

It is the second largest mall in the world and one of the biggest mall which is held by the SM group of companies.  The mall is 5.812,511 square feet long in the area. This mall consists of a large parking area, movie complex, sports complex, shopping outlets and a  number of restaurants.

  1. New South China Mall

This mall is known as “dead mall” because the mall is constructed in 2005 but vacant till 10 years. After renovation in 2015, it has become one of the popular malls in China. There are seven parts in the mall which are designed as Paris, Egypt, Rome, California, Rome and Venice and Carrebian.

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