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These Kim Kardashian No Makeup Looks You Can’t Miss

These Kim Kardashian No Makeup Looks will leave you flabbergasted

Kim Kardashian no makeup

Kimberly Noel Kardashian West is a very famous American model and actress. She has also made her name as a businesswoman and is also a socialite. She came into limelight after becoming a friend and stylist of Paris Hilton. However, she rose to fame after the 2002 sex tape, Kim Kardashian, Superstar. After that, she continued her journey and became a reality television star. But today we are not going to discuss her journey but her beauty. She is famous for endorsing so many makeup products on her face but she looks gorgeous without makeup also. Most people always search for the pictures of Kim Kardashian no makeup look. And for them, we have prepared a list of Kim Kardashian no makeup looks. Have a look and you will end up appreciating this beauty.

1. It’s Gym Look

kim kardashian no makeup

This picture was captured by the media person when she was coming out of the gym. She has a perfect body shape that can turn anyone’s head towards her. She has maintained her shape and takes care of her fitness by working out. In this picture, the diva is looking stunning in blacktop and slim fit pants. Her face is free from makeup which is so soothing to the eyes. She has the charm to attract anyone without making efforts.

2. Just After the Shower

kim kardashian no makeup

This selfie of Kim Kardashian is clicked just after the shower. She looks pretty and breathtaking in her bare face. Her sensuous eyes and that bow-shaped lips don’t need makeup to melt someone’s heart. Kim’s nose looks perfect and her face is clear like a crystal. It seems like a canvas, ready to be painted with makeup.

3. The Car Selfie

Kim Kardashian no makeup

Kim Kardashian no makeup look is not less than a treat to her fans. This Snapchat selfie shows how beautiful she looks without makeup. Her face is not loaded with any kind of makeup product and she looks stunning in that black hoodie. Her hair is tied into a bun and her face looks fresh and young. How could she look so gorgeous in that simple attire?

4. Before and After Makeup

Kim Kardashian no makeup

This still is from her makeup tutorial video. The one on the left side is her picture without makeup which looks a bit pigmented but is flawless and radiant. On the other hand, the right one is loaded with makeup, has brilliantly covered the spots; but her natural look is better than her makeup look. This picture of Kim Kardashian no makeup look is beautiful and she totally rocks this look.

5. On the Cover Page

Kim Kardashian no makeup

This picture on the Vogue magazine cover is yet another evidence of Kim Kardashian no makeup look. This is not the only time when she went there face for a magazine cover. She knows how to rock her natural look. She is not only a cover girl but is also a dream girl for many people out there. Particularly in this picture, she is looking like a Greek goddess, beautiful and elegant. However, her eyes stole all the limelight.

6. It’s All About Nail Paints

Kim Kardashian no makeup

Kim Kardashian looks beautiful even if she is not trying to. Even in this expression, she is looking damn cute. Her face is crystal clear and it is not layered with any artificial product. She seems to be drying out her nail paint and whit her cuteness she is grabbing all the attention towards her.

7. Morning Look

Kim Kardashian no makeup

This picture of Kim is taken on a fine morning and she is looking gorgeous even without makeup. She never applies makeup when she is at home expect the time she makes makeup tutorial videos. In this picture, her hair is tied up into a bun and her face is super clean as well radiant. She is extremely beautiful and doesn’t need any makeup to look good. If my morning would be like that I would have been in heaven.

8. The Casual Look

Kim Kardashian no makeup

God has gifted Kim a body and a face that are priceless. Many women in this world desire the body shape of Kim. She can ace any sort of clothes, even a simple top and jeans look great on her body. Her face is not loaded with any sort of makeup product which makes her more flawless. She is a diva who knows how to grab someone’s attention without doing anything.

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9. That Sunburn

Kim Kardashian no makeup

This disaster happened to her when she went for sunbath without applying sunblock cream. Many people don’t show up when things like this happen to them. But Kim is quite gutsy and is so calm and cool about this situation. She didn’t afraid to post this picture in front of the whole world because she loves her skin a lot. Her skin is covered with sunburn but still, she is looking beautiful.

10. That Look

Kim Kardashian no makeup

Isn’t she looking breathtaking? Gosh! Her skin is looking flawless and her faces are looking astonishing and young. She has not applied any makeup on her face and has left her hair open. This cozy picture of Kim Kardashian without makeup look is worth million dollars. I mean just look at her, how gorgeous she is?

So these were the few pictures of Kim Kardashian without makeup. In my opinion, she looks best without using these artificial products. She has a god gifted skin which is often hidden under her makeup layers. She is a diva, an influencer and an epitome of beauty.


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