How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture Through all Seasons

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Nowadays people are investing a lot in outdoor furniture. Big backyards with cozy, formal, or exquisite-looking furniture are what everyone is looking into. Everything is perfect until you come to think of how to protect your outdoor furniture. Being outdoor they are prone to all kinds of weather conditions, sunlight, rainfall, even infect and what no, Therefore, they must be taken care of. Although an extravagant outdoor getaway is an enviable asset to have, knowing and caring about the right way to care for your new outdoor set becomes extremely important and challenging too.
But as this furniture are meant for outdoor purpose, they feature all-weather materials like rust-free powder coated aluminum, UV-rated fabric, and foam, and have naturally rot-resistant wood. Hence a little care and maintenance can really make this furniture go a long way.

Outdoor Furniture Online

Protecting your outdoor furniture can be much easier than you think. Just follow these tips and make your furniture’s life longer.

1. Use Outdoor Furniture Cover

The easiest and most lasting solution for your outdoor furniture is the furniture cover. With these covers, you can avoid having to refinish your wooden furniture in short spans. If you want your furniture to keep looking as new as possible, outdoor furniture covers are definitely your best bet. Highly durable materials and heavy-duty fabrics like Oxford polyester will give you full coverage and protection against harsh weather conditions. These are affordable and worth the investment. You can easily avoid the expense of having to replace cheap plastic or fabric items with outdoor furniture covers.

Outdoor Furniture Cover

Featuring Heavy Duty 100% 600D Oxford fabric, this Valige patio cover is made to protect your patio furniture from outdoor elements like sun, dirt, rain, snow.

2. Use a Fade-Resistant Rug

Fade-resistant rugs look cool. Besides keeping the floor clean they also make your furniture cool and protect it from getting heated and eventually damaged from sun rays. They’re usually UV and weather-resistant so you don’t have to pack them away during summer storms or blistering afternoons. They just complete the look of your sitting space while having hidden importance.

Fade-Resistant Rug

This is 100% recyclable eco-friendly rugs are made up of recycled plastic straws. The tightly woven outdoor rugs are durable and woven with high-quality workmanship and at the same time give a soft and comfortable feeling.

3. Umbrella Cover

While this may not work the best, but this is surely an option for you to try. These umbrellas will protect your furniture from direct sun and keep them under shade on sunny days and you can enjoy your coffee on a rainy day under this as well. It also adds a flair of style to your patio and gives you a feeling that you are lounging at an expensive hotel, being waited on hand and foot! They can be easily moved and placed in the area you want to relax.

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4. Protect Outdoor Tables

While enjoying a meal protect wood, metal, and glass tabletops by using eye-catching, printed placemats and tablecloths. These cute coasters and trays will protect cocktail tables and bars from condensation on icy drinks and pitchers. Thus your tables will remain protected. They will look good, give a complete look to your setup, and at the same time won’t let your tables get damaged.

Outdoor Furniture Cover

Patio Heavy Duty Table Cover – 600D Tough Canvas Waterproof Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs General Purpose Furniture Cover Size. This product is made with very durable fabric that is waterproof and winterproof.

5. The Aftermath of The Party

After you are done using your outdoor furniture, do not forget to clean them. Unlike indoor furniture, they need a proper cleanse after use. Give your lounge chairs and daybeds a good rinse with a garden hose and remove any sweat or sunscreen after you have used it. Wipe down chairs and tabletops with a clean soft cloth dampened with soapy water. Gently brush away any spills or stains with a little water and a soft brush. Remove any padding or cushions and set pieces out to dry. After the furniture has completely dried, you can cover the furniture with waterproof furniture covers.

Best Materials For Outdoor Furniture

Choosing the right material for your outdoor furniture stands between the terms of durability and deterioration. As for outdoor furniture, you need to think before choosing the materials. So here are the most used materials for outdoor furniture.

1. Outdoor Teak Furniture:

Outdoor Furniture

Teak has a tight grain, high oil content, and high tensile strength that helps to give the wood its amazing weather resistance. Its ability to withstand any weather condition makes it ideal for outdoor furniture. Compared to other woods, teak is distinctive because it produces its own natural oils, making it resistant to mold, mildew, and overall deterioration. Other similar varieties of hardwood include acacia and oak.

2. Outdoor Resin Wicker Furniture.

Resin Wicker Furniture

Similar in appearance to rattan, resin wicker is a synthetic fiber designed specifically for use in the outdoors. Offering a natural look and feel – and little need for maintenance – resin wicker furniture is the perfect choice for creating a breezy patio or backyard ambiance

3. Outdoor Plastic Furniture:

Outdoor Furniture Online

The furniture made of plastic material allows light to pass through it, which is perfect for outdoor hang-outs. It is also lightweight and thus becomes portable for users to move anywhere they want. The sleek texture of the plastic is highly sought-after for its incredible stain-, fade- and mildew-resistant properties. Therefore it becomes one of the most affordable options for outdoor furniture.

4. Outdoor Iron Furniture:

While looking for outdoor furniture, opting for wrought iron or cast iron, can infuse a whole new depth to space. Although a bit expensive, it is a durable outdoor furniture material. Heavy, long-lasting, and vintage-chic, iron furniture offers a versatile, classic, and elegant look that goes with every style. Perhaps the only downside is its susceptibility to rust – but even that can be prevented with protective coatings and routine furniture maintenance.

5. Outdoor Aluminum Furniture:

The most popular metal for outdoor furniture is aluminum. Despite its lightweight, it is strong, durable, and can easily be worked into a variety of intricate shapes. Aluminum is relatively inexpensive, low maintenance, and never rusts, an added advantage over iron. Because it is so light, these aluminum pieces of furniture are usually recommended in areas with little to no winds – especially if the piece is entirely made from aluminum.

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