6 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home To Attract Wealth and Money

How to attract wealth

Everyone wants these two things in their life; health and wealth. Employing rightful Feng Shui methods to your life can bring both of these to you. Therefore, in this article, we will specifically talk about how to attract wealth in your life.

We must also understand that wealth can mean so much more than just financial wealth, it is indicative of different types of abundance in our life. Whether it’s in the form of happiness, friends or contentment.

Here are 6 Feng Shui tips to on how to attract wealth.

1. Build A Wealth Corner

If you are already knowledgeable about Feng Shui, then you will know about the wealth corner. In the Feng Shui Bagua, there is an area dedicated to wealth. You can look up online about what this energy map looks like to gain an informed understanding of how it works.

When you stand on the entrance of your house or office, the farthest corner on your left is attributed as the wealth corner. In Chinese, it is called ‘Xun.’ Here are some elements you can add to your wealth corner,

  • Purple Apparatus: This means any thing that has the colour purple in it, like your accessories, paint or furniture. Even a purple plant like Lavender can help. In Feng Shui, Purple is associated with wealth and abundance.
  • Plants: Feng Shui has a lot of emphasis on nature. Therefore, when you bring in a natural element into your wealth corner, it helps a lot. It will enhance your prosperity.
  • Water: To nourish your prosperity, add water-based ornamentals like a tiny fountain.

2. Use Citrine Crystals

Citrine is a yellow-gold crystal quartz. It attracts abundance and helps in continuously renewing your prosperity. It achieves this by clearing itself and letting go of negative energies. Consequently, it makes space for wealth to come in.

How To Attract Wealth

Putting a Citrine quartz in your wealth corner is an extremely necessary action you should take on your path to abundance. In fact, to boost your Qi, carry it with you wherever you go by putting it in your wallet.

3. Incorporate Flowing Water

How To Attract Wealth

We have briefly mentioned the implementation of water into your wealth corner. Besides nourishment, flowing water is associated with bringing fluidity into your finance. Placing a fountain, is an obvious element for flowing water.

Make sure you keep the fountain clean, and in good condition. Most importantly, the flow of the water should be directed to the centre of your home. Furthermore, if there are any leaks in the plumbing in your house, fix them immediately, as it might bring bad karma to your house.

4. Make Your Entrance Inviting

How To Attract Wealth

The Entrance to your living space is called the “Mouth of Qi.” An attractive entrance brings many opportunity, resource and happiness into your house, among other things. Here is how you can activate your entrance to bring in more wealth and abundance:

  • Always keep your entry clean, so that it looks inviting to new opportunity. You should pay careful attention to the numbers on your door. Even adding a clean “welcome” may help bring energy and resource to your home.
  • Make sure you enter your house through the formal entry at least once per day.
  • An interesting addition to your entrance is the implementation of all the five elements through their respective colours. For example, use black artefacts for water elements; more flow and connections. Or red for the fire element; visibility and recognition. To increase efficiency and joy, insert the metal element through white or gray colours. The yellow or brown colours represent stability and grounding as the earth element. Lastly, the green or blue wood elements boost the growth and encourages new beginnings.

5. Maintain A Clean Stove

The place where we cook is an important place for resource and prosperity. Therefore, the stove is an essential place in the Feng Shui. When we nourish our bodies well, we show up to the world with a better energy.

A clean stove is indicative of a clean health. Make sure none of your burners are defective and all your appliance is clean. Importantly, you should cook every day, as this evokes the fire element to attract prosperity.

In fact, use the different burners instead of sticking to the same one every day. Use your stove mindfully to open your mind and to receive new opportunities with a renewed energy.

6. Include A Bowl Of Orange

How To Attract Wealth

In Feng Shui, oranges are a symbol of abundance and good luck. Their scent is uplifting and vibrant. It puts a cheerful mood into your house.

Therefore, putting a bowl of orange which you may eat from time to time, invites wealth into your house.

In Conclusion

People who are interested in bringing wealth to their home must implement these tips into their life. Wealth is not only financial but an emotional abundance. Start by building a health corner, use citrine quartz, incorporate flowing water into your life for a fluid lifestyle, make the entrance of your house inviting, have a clean stove and keep a bowl of orange around you for that zesty flavour in spirit and in taste. This is how to attract wealth and prosperity into your house.

We hope these tips help you in leading a zen lifestyle surrounded by an abundance of love, happiness, money and most importantly, contentment.

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