Effect of Stress on Your Body, 3 Excellent Ways to Relieve Your Stress

Are you in Stress? Then read till the end.


In Today’s world competition and work times are very long, hence we keep ourself engage in work and that increase the stress level in our body. Sometimes it may happen that we don’t even know that we are under stress and depressed. In this article, you will see the symptoms and its harmful effect on the body and 3 excellent practice which can reduce your stress.

Few General Effects of stress on your body

  • Often Headache
  • Muscle torments in the body
  • Slight chest torments
  • Fatigue
  • Lower sex drive
  • Motion issues
  • Sleep issue
  • High pulse
  • Obesity

How Stress will influence your state of mind and conduct

  • Anxiety
  • Over Eating nourishment or Under eating sustenance admission
  • Don’t prefer to do work out
  • Don’t prefer to associate with others
  • Feel less motivated

If you are the one who is feeling the same above problems, then you should act to manage your stress, as stress will be harmful to health and it can cause major life-threatening heart problems in the future. In these days there are methods to relieve your stress like Yoga, Meditation, Niksen, Tai chi, and meditation, etc. Let’s see one by one

1. Niksen


Niksen is a Philosophy and concept of Doing nothing or stay idle for a while in your free time. As per a Coach of Caroline Hamming of CRS centrum in an interview with Wolly magazine“Niksen means doing something without a purpose, like staring out of the window”. However, our inner self will always tell us to do something for a family in free time, friends will force you for leisure activity, but all these activities are not “Niksen” due to all of these activities are done with the purpose. Hence, in this weekend, spend some time sitting idle without any purposeful activity to and let your mind free without any expectations and regret.

2. Tai chi


Tai chi is a Chinese internal martial art form of physical relaxation which will stretch, rotate and twist every muscle tissue with a variety of different movements. This mild stretch and release will lower the stress. There are various effective benefits of Tai chi like reduce negative energies from your body, One can focus on the present task without thinking of the past and future, Strengthen the nervous system. There are many cases where Tai chi successfully reduces mental, physical and emotional stress.

3. Yoga


Yoga is very popular and proven method to reduce your stress worldwide. One can reduce stress through different Yoga pose which is below with pic, hence one can check a picture of popular and recommended Yoga pose for reducing stress.

Garudasana (pose like Eagle)


Uttanasana ( Stand and fold yourself forward)


Balasana ( Pose like a child)


Vrajasana ( Thunderbolt Pose)


Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)


Take care of your health from an early age as it will reduce the chances of dangerous disease.

Stay healthy and fit.

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