Do you want to live a blissful life? Then reside in these seven happiest countries in the world 2018.

20th march is world happiness day, and the whole world celebrates the day. In this day everyone makes an attempt or share an idea to formulate others life happy. Every year united nation presents happiness report of the world and recognizes happiest countries. These countries require the adequate healthcare, transport, quality of life, Gender equality, an absence of corruption, freedom, and generosity, etc. Let’s look at these 7 happiest countries in the world.


This delightful Scandinavian country is known for its magnificent social structure. Finland overtakes its neighbor Norway to become the happiest country in the world. The citizen of this country has a full faith in the system of the country. The Finns also possess an ethical quality of life with excellent healthcare, leave benefit, wonderful society structure, etc.


Last year’s number top rank holder Norway is the most desirable country to nurture your child due to its extraordinary education system. Not only in education but the country tops in the prosperity index. The country tops in all parameters due to they spend highly on social parameters.


Denmark is the third happiest country, and the reason behind that is awareness of the citizens of a country. The system of the country is so transparent that one will not find any corruption in the country. From social justice to transparent system, from the wholesome environment to good health care makes the citizen happy.


Iceland is very less populated and unique country. The country respects the rights of an individual and freedom of speech. Iceland is a first country who elected lesbian Prime minister in the world. Every citizen of this country feels safe the country spends very less in the Police Department. Iceland is a very peaceful country, and they have no Army, Airforce, and Navy.


Switzerland is famous for its chocolates as well as wonderful watches. The country is also popular for its on-time transportation, per capita income, good healthcare, social security and excellent banking system.


The Netherlands is the second European country where the citizens are happier than the rest of Europe. The Netherlands is one of the most liberal countries in Europe as they are the one who legalizes same-sex marriage in Europe first. The Dutch government believes in gender equality, corruption-free government and equal opportunity for every citizen of the country.


To live in Canada is a dream for many people of the world due to the intimate nature and opportunities. Canada is one of the highly developed countries of North America and people from every corner of the world attracted to this country. Canadians are happier due to a focus on the health sectors, preserving natural resources, plenty of job opportunities, the extraordinary quality of life.

Image credit – CNBC

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