Do you want to go to Canada? Know these 10 unknown facts about Canada

Canada is one of the developed and delightful countries of the world. There are a lot of people who want to visit this country or settle in Canada. Now like every other country Canada also have some unknown facts that very few of us know.

  1. Education in Canada

Canada scores high than other countries in the education. As, per the report of the OECD report, Canada is one the most educated countries in the world. The country is having more than half of adults who are having a college degree.

  1. Cold Canada

If you want to move to Canada then one thing is sure that you have to deal with their Harsh winters. The lowest temperature was -63c in 1947 of the Yukon territory.

  1. Lakes

Canada is a country of a beautiful lake. God gifted this country with wonderful lakes and nature and the Canadian government is also preserving nature. Canada is a country with the highest number of lakes in the world. There are some lakes which tourist attractions are Joffre Lakes, Spotted lakes, Huron lakes, Garibaldi Lake, Lake Superior, Lake Ontario, Abraham Lake, Emerald Lake, Peyto Lake, Lake Louise, and Moraine Lake.

  1. Name of Canada

Name of Canada came from the word “Kanata”. The Word “Kanata” means village or settlement. “Kanata” word basically Huron-Iroquois word.

  1. A border between the US and Canada

US and Canada both of them are prosperous and prosperous countries. Both of the countries are sharing a border with each other and it’s called as International Boundary. The International boundary between the US and Canada is one of the longest international boundaries of the world. Although it is the longest border in the world, it is very peaceful compared to other borders of the world.

  1. Less Gravity

Yes, Some part of Hudson Bay of Canada is having one of less gravity. This part of Canada is considering the less gravity than the complete world. Many scientists already doing research that why this part of the country is having less gravity than the rest of the world.

  1. Less Population and more area

Canada is the second largest country in the world in an area after Russia. But when you compare population, then the country is having very less population. Canada’s total population is 35.6 Million less than Tokyo metropolitan region 37 million.

  1. Space research

Which country was reaching the space after the US and Russia? It’s Canada who reaches the space. All of that possibly due to a strong determination of Canadians and their government.

  1. The Great Bear forest

The Great bear rainforest is a huge rainforest in British Columbia area Of Canada. The rainforest is on the Pacific coast of British Columbia. One can get a chance here to watch the Kermode bear.

  1. US Border

As per one report 70 to 75% of the Canadians live near the border of the United States of America.

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