15 Stylish Celebrity Short Hairstyles Ideas for Women

Celebrity Short Hairstyles for Women

Whether it be a party, a wedding, a conference or a break-up, our hair goes through life the same way we do. Most of us put a lot of time into the planning of what we can do with our hair and there are immense amounts of tips for the same. In all of this, we all look up to the glamour that celebrities bring on media. We all go to the salon with the screenshot of our favourite celebrity and after much contemplation, try to get the cut they don so easily.

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Therefore, we bring forth to you some celebrity short hairstyles for women that are definitely worth a try:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles for Women

1. Back Swept Cut:

Short Hairstyles for Women - Back Swept Cut

Short Hairstyles for Women - Back Swept Cut

Wallis Day - Short Hairstyles Ideas
Wallis Day

When you’re looking for a hairstyle that is as easy to manage as a hand run through your locks and gives you an upbeat and bold look, this is the haircut to go for.
The undercut that goes along with this haircut adds a sharp angular look and contributes to the oomph. Leather jackets, jeans and a choker is the kind of attire that compliments this look.
Since long hair and summer together, are a hassle, this haircut helps you cool off, both figuratively and literally.

2. Blunt Wavy Cut:

Short Hairstyles for Women - Blunt Wavy Cut

Short Hairstyles for Women

If you’re fantasizing about being the leader of a rom-com, with breeze tousling your hair, this is the kind of haircut to make you feel just fabulous. Since this look is versatile, it can be paired with either ethnic or western outfits. A light highlight added to this cut will enhance the cheekbones.

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3. Pixie Hair Cut:

Short Hairstyles for Women - Pixie Hair Cut

The one haircut that can complement all personalities, cute, edgy, chic or sexy, you name it and you’ve got it. The look carries a confident vibe and gives you a sparkling persona. In addition, it makes narrow faces look broader and brings out your features. It is viable for all seasons and there is never a wrong time to carry this look.

4. Straight Blunt Bob:

Short Hairstyles for Women - Straight Blunt Bob

Simple is the new fancy! This cut flatters round and oval faces and works on long or medium hair perfectly. It is the most suitable style for casual outings and requires little work. All seasons and all outfits fit best with the features of this cut. With this blunt cut, you can look sharp and smart in all settings!

5. Fringed Short Bob:

Short Hairstyles for Women - Fringed Short Bob

Having straight hair, one feels like they are limited with respect to the style quotient. However, this haircut tends to this issue and we get a creative and freestyle. The fringes in this haircut do not come with a childish outlook, instead gives a sleek and finished the addition to the entirety of the appearance. It also solves the problem of getting a suitable cut for women with high foreheads.
The look works in both formal as well as casual settings and never goes out of fashion.

6. Whimsical Pixie Cut:

Short Hairstyles for Women

Short Hairstyles for Women - Whimsical Pixie Cut

When it comes to pixie cuts, there is a variety of styles that suit all types of hair. The whimsical pixie cut is best suited to dark, short hair. The cut gives an edgy and hip look to the face and frames it perfectly. The hairstyle contours the cheekbones and intensifies the sharpness of one’s features.
There is absolutely no place where this look wouldn’t appeal the crowd. Its low maintenance and a good solution for hot summers.

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7. Pixie Blonde Hair Cut:

Short Hairstyles for Women - Pixie Blonde Hair Cut

Short Hairstyles for Women

When it comes to being brave and standing out, awesome pixie blonde hair cut speaks volumes. A mix of messy and magic, it’s one of the best celebrity short hairstyles for women. The cut hones the angles and contours of one’s face. To add to the quirkiness of this haircut, earthy and hip outfits do wonders to the look. Apart from that, bold and striking colour to the hair makes the style vibrant and exudes the coolest vibes. You’re sure to turn heads with this one.

8. Tousled Hair with Bangs Hairstyle :

Short Hairstyles for Women

We all know that an abundance of products goes into trying and increasing the volume of our hair. What we should also know now, is that you get the perfect haircut and voila! You’re creating the semblance of voluptuous locks. This cut is a simple, easy to manage and go-to hairstyle for formal or fancy events and paired with western outfits gives a seemingly bright and sophisticated look.

9. The Shaved Look:

Short Hairstyles for Women

The side shaved and combed back look that carries the charm of a strong personality is one of the most striking styles in this category. A tinge of highlights into the hair in the middle is like a garnish to the appeal of the look. Any season is favourable for this look and mostly formal and party attires complement it the best. This one is undoubted one of the coolest short hairstyles for women.

Seemingly, many people have the notion that a certain cut is suitable only for a certain age, however, there is no age to do what your heart wants. So, to all the ladies shying and hesitating, whether you’re 62 or 26, go for that neon hairstyle that makes you grab eyes, shave your hair off or grow them out. We all ought to be confident in our choices and carry ourselves with a demeanour that kills (figuratively of course).


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