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15 Best Yoga Mat For Indoor and Outdoor Practice

The Best Grippy, Non-Slip Yoga Mats On the Market

Best Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat is one of the most equipment that one should always have with them while they are learning the ancient art of Yoga. These mats ensure that your experience while performing Yoga goes as smooth as butter. They provide you with the right amount of grip and firmness that is a must for any Yoga pose.

Every Yogi whether they are a newbie or an advanced level performer. They all need their buddy, their Yoga mat with them while they practice. The perfect mat will make sure to protect your joints and the other important parts of your body from getting hurt.

Best Yoga Mat

So, without further ado let’s check out the 15 best Yoga Mats for Fitness, Meditation & Yoga.

NewMe Fitness Exercise Yoga Mat 

Whether you are a newbie or an expert-level practitioner of the ancient science of Yoga, you would certainly fall in love with this fitness exercise yoga mat!

Yoga Mat-

  • The 70 different graphics help you in performing a self-learning experience in Yoga.
  • The graphics depicted can be performed by all and the steps are simplified for better understanding.
  • Apart from that, the mat ensures that you get a soft surface for your delicate joints and a firm grip with its 5mm non-thick surface.
  • You can take this mat both indoors and outdoors for a pleasant Yoga session!

HemingWeigh 1 inch Thick Yoga Mat

Go for the non-toxic option as a smart nature-loving Yogi by purchasing the HemingWeigh Yoga mat!

Yoga Mat-

  • The 1 inch thick surface of the mat never fails to cushion even the harshest falls that you could think of.
  • The material of the mat is extremely soft but it provides you the perfect grip so that you can perform even the toughest Yoga asana with ease.
  • Take Yoga where you want: the strapping provided with the mat makes it convenient for you to carry the mat with you wherever you go.
  • Now, perform Yoga inside the quiet and comfort of your home or in the outside where nature lulls you into serenity!

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose

Do not forget to purchase this all-purpose Yoga mat for your daily practice of Yoga!

Yoga Mat-

  • The 71” long and 24” wide surface area of the mat, makes it suitable for people of all shapes and sizes to perform Yoga with comfort.
  • You can perform even the most extreme types of Yoga asana which require large space with this all-purchase mat!
  • The mat is made up of foam which makes it easier to perform Yoga.
  • Ensure soft fall and protect the sensitive and vital parts of your body by using this mat!
  • One of the biggest advantages of this particular mat is that it is double-sided foamed with the perfect grip that you could hope for!

Liforme Original Yoga Mat 

Enhance your Yoga practice and improve at the speed of professional Yogis with the help of the Liforme Original Yoga Mat!

Yoga Mat-

  • The huge family of Liforme has been dedicated to making sure that you achieve all the greatness that Yoga has provided to you!
  • Specially designed for its users, this mat comes with its innovative alignment system, which exceeds every dream of a Yogi or a beginner.
  • With its soft material and immovable grip, you can practice for hours without the fear of getting hurt.
  • This easy-to-clean mat is completely non-toxic and biodegradable. And this makes it one of the best options for nature enthusiasts!

Gaiam Yoga Mat 

Yoga made fun with the Gaiam premium print reversible mat!

Yoga Mat-

  • The colorful prints of the mat surely make an impression on the users. Bright prints will make the practice of Yoga even more fun!
  • The premium print mat is reversible, so if you want a change of view you can easily flip the mat over to the other side and start where you left off.
  • You are provided with soft cushioning for your falls in your fitness routine.
  • The mat is lightweight but at the same time is completely durable which makes it a really good option for you, whether you are a Yoga pro or a beginner.
  • Do not miss out on the free Yoga workout class which is provided free with your mat!

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose

Take balance and fitness with you wherever you go with the help of this all-purpose mat!

Yoga Mat-

  • Ensure excellent flexibility and resistance to fall with the help of exceptional surface and firm grip.
  • The long surface area for the mat makes it easier for you to perform even the hardest Yoga exercises.
  • You also get a free strap with the mat to complete your set. So, carry the mat with you wherever you want and need it!

ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga Pilates Exercise mat

This easy-to-maintain and clean mat are too good to be missed by you, so do not forget to check this masterpiece out!

Yoga Mat-

  • ProsourceFit extra-thick yoga Pilates exercise mat provides you extra-thick surfaces just as its name suggests.
  • This is a big advantage for you if you are relatively new to Yoga or are practicing the difficult and advanced forms of it.
  • And even if you do fall, do not fret over, the thick surface ensures that you do not hurt any of your joints or pull any muscle.
  • The surface of the mat is pretty easy to clean and maintain. Just use a sponge or a wet cloth, wipe it nicely over the surface, and let it dry out. And Voila! You are all set!
  • This mat is not machine washable.

June & Juniper Travel Yoga Mat Foldable Lightweight

Who does not love a lovely work by a NY artist while making themselves fit? If you do then do check out the June & Juniper travel and foldable mat!

Yoga Mat-

  • The mat is designed specially as per the needs of every Yogi, from the beginners to the people at the advanced level. This mat takes care of all your needs.
  • The microfiber of the mat ensures that you do not slip no matter how much wet and slippery the mat gets with your sweat.
  • It even dries quicker than you can imagine!
  • This mat is multipurpose and foldable. This means that you can it with you when you need it.
  • If you are a big fan of hiking and traveling. Then do not forget to pack the foldable mat with you and put it in the trunk of your car for the trip!
  • It also works perfectly fine for indoor purposes.
  • If you are searching for a gift to give to your Yogi friend, your significant other, family members, close friends, or your pregnant friend this makes the perfect gift for them and your search ends here!

Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

It is always better to learn the best from the basics and this mat helps you in just that!

Yoga Mat-

  • The Amazon Basics ½ inch extra thick mat comes with the extra thick surface as suggested and this makes sure that you get the perfect grip that you require while performing Yoga.
  • Even if you do fall then the thick surface will feel like a pillow and protect your joints.
  • Exercise comfortably and with the extra support and shock absorbing feature of this mat.
  • Use daily for Gym, Yoga, and even Mediating as per requirement.
  • Use the shoulder strap provided to carry the mat with you as per your requirement.

JADE YOGA – Harmony Yoga Mat

Do not forget to include this multipurpose mat in your wish list!

  • The mat is made up of natural rubber and as compared to the other mats available in the market. And this makes it one of the most unique mats on our list!
  • Jade mat ensures that you get a comfortable feel even while the most difficult exercises and Yoga form.
  • The biggest factor that makes this particular mat stand out on our list is that every time you purchase a mat from this company they promise to commit to planting trees. So far the company has succeeded in planting over one million trees in the past 6 years.

Yoga Mat-

Dralegend Yoga Mat Exercise Fitness Mat

It is time for you to upgrade to the next pro-tech designed fitness mat, so check out the Dralegend Yoga and Fitness mat!

  • No one should miss out on the best quality ecofriendly and skin-friendly surface mat!
  • Odorless and resilient fitness mat is made up of premium quality TPE. You can’t find this premium quality of rubber anywhere else in the market!
  • You are provided with the perfect amount of thickness that is 6mm. This amount of thickness makes sure that you get a tight grip on the mat and at the same time the mat provides soft cushioning for your joints.
  • The mat is pretty easy to maintain and clean.  A wet cloth with soap water is more than enough to keep your mat good as new!
  • You are also given the carrying strip so carry the mat whenever you need it.

Yoga Mat-

CAP Barbell HHY-CF004B Fitness Yoga Mat

Save your precious money and time with this economical fitness mat!

  • Roll up the mat when you are done exercising and save storage space!
  • The 3mm thickness is perfect to perform simple and basic steps of Yoga asana.
  • A great deal for beginners who are relatively new to Yoga!
  • Lightweight and durable, this makes carrying and storing a lot easier!
  • The mat is only handed washable.

Yoga Mat-

Yoga Mat with Strap, 1/3 Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat Double-Sided

Get your groove and grace right on track with the help of this extra-thick doubled sided mat!

  • The large size of the mat ensures that it is suitable for both men and women and to perform the toughest types of Yoga poses!
  • Pretty easy to handle and foldable mat, this makes it easier both for storage and carrying.
  • The premium quality TPE material of the mat is both user-friendly and eco-friendly!
  • High-quality TPE makes sure that you get the firm grip which you are searching for even you sweaty as hell!
  • The 1/3 inch of extra thickness ensures to protect you from the nasty falls.

Yoga Mat-

Yoga Mat Non-Slip, Pilates Fitness Mats with Alignment Marks

Get fitness into your hands with the Non-Slip fitness mat!

  • Do even the most difficult forms of Yoga with ease and comfort with the help of this fitness mat!
  • The high-quality TPE material of the mat remains odorless after facing all the wear and tears while you perform with ease!
  • The extra thickness of 6mm of the mat cushions your falls easily but that the same time it provides you with a comfortable grip to perform any pose you prefer.
  • Remember this is not washing machine washable, hand washes only.
  • A perfect gift for all Yogis and Yoga enthusiasts!

Yoga Mat-

Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Print Extra Thick

Make Yoga easy and more fun with the help of a Gaiam printed mat!

Yoga Mat-

  • The mat is lightweight which makes carrying it around very easy for you!
  • The premium quality of the Non-toxic and PVC-free mat is too good to be missed by you!
  • The colorful and bright prints of the mat keep you interested and grab your attention!
  • Be focused and attentive while performing with the firm grip and comfortable surface of the map!
  • Get the free Yoga tutorial with the mat!

Jpodream Yoga Mat

And lastly, let’s check the user’s all-time favorite Jpodream exercise mat!

Yoga Mat-

  • Pretty easy to handle and clean, the mat is everything that a Yogi would wish for!
  • The mat is designed especially with its anti-slip design to prevent and break you from harsh falls.
  • The eco-friendly material of the mat is made up of high-quality TPE.
  • This TPE is odorless, relatively soft, skin and user-friendly, making Yoga more engaging for you!
  • Every Yogi whether they are new to Yoga or a pro at it, surely fall in love with the design and style of the fitness mat!

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