9 Strange Marriage Traditions Around The World

Every culture is beautiful in itself; hence marriage traditions are also different in the entire world. Some of these traditions on a first look a little bit weird, but the followers think these customs will help in making a stronger bond between the bride and groom. Let’s check it out these marriage traditions which make you think really this custom will make happy married life?

  1. Kidnapping bride

This tradition is illegal now in Kyrgyzstan, although people in rural areas of the country still follow this tradition. Here, the groom kidnaps the girl he wants to marry and then take her to his home where the family members are ready for all marriage procedure and female members of kidnapers home convince the bride for marriage.

  1. Fat bride

Generally, in the world groom wanted to fit and slim wife, but in Mauritania picture is totally different. In this country, the fat bride is considered as prosperity and happiness in the marriage. Hence, before marriage family of a bride give her too much food to gain weight for the upcoming marriage. Here, the question is why every tradition imposes weird rules on brides only?

  1. Gift to father in law

Here, in Fiji groom have to give one unusual gift to the father- in- law and that gift is the teeth of Whalefish. This is very unusual and weird kind of tradition, of a marriage which is the only custom of Fiji.

  1. Tears for happy marriage

In Tujia community of China, it is mandatory for a bride to cry 1 hour daily until a month and all other female members of the family also encourage her in this tradition. As, per them, this tradition will make a successful married life.

  1. Marriage with trees

As per Hindu methodology if a girl is born in a certain period is the curse, hence they have to marry first with the tree. If a bride does not follow this tradition, then it can harm her future husband’s life.

  1. Put lock on bridge

This custom you can see in many countries, but it is believed that it started first in Italy. Where a couple fit the lock on the fence of the bridge and then throws the keys in the water. Couples believe that this custom will make their relationship strong and steady.

  1. Dance with Euros

In Greek marriage, the relatives of the bride and groom pin Euros on their cloth while they are dancing.

  1. Rituals of Papua new Gini

In the jungle of Papua new Gini male tribes paint their bodies to impress the girls.

  1. Beautiful tattoo for any girl

This ritual you all will love as it is one of the beautiful tattoos before marriage in the Indian, Pakistani and Arab wedding.

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