8 Types of Office Colleagues Everyone Has

Each and every company is different from its work, clients, job roles, work culture, etc. One thing that will not changes is the different types of employees and their behaviors that will be same everywhere. You will get that idea more clearly when you find same a kind of behavior colleague like your previous job.

    1.I am the clever


He is the one who knows everything and so confident that due to his smartness whole office running. You will surely meet within few days of joining to show you how smart he is?

  1. Mr. Borrower all time

He is the one who is always in need of something call it a cigarette, pen, or money for short term. Don’t become his target, as he is always finding a new lender.

  1. I am super handsome

He thinks that he is the super handsome and playboy of the office. Every girl wants to talk with him. He will never leave chance where he can show his heroism.

  1. I am the Diva

She thinks god makes her the most beautiful girl in the world and every guy is falling for her. In the full office only she thinks that she is a diva. She is the person who is in love with herself. If she is your friend and by mistake, if you do not give her attention when she becomes dinosaur from a diva.

    5.Mr. I or Miss. I selfish


Mr. I or Miss I are the persons who only get affected when they are in trouble. They only want that people should work according to their ways.

  1. The gossip king and Queen

The gossip king of office and gossip queen of office are found everywhere in all companies. They know everything about all. Like who is a favorite employee of a boss? A Who are having affairs? Who is having a problem in personal life etc. its fix that they know about everyone in the office?

  1. Pet of the Office

Pet of the office means favorite of a boss. He is a big trouble for everyone in the office, He is such a licker and pet that boss doesn’t even need to watch on other employees as a boss will get full details of the full office. However, he calls it himself honest and loyal to a company.

     8. The comedian of office


He is the one who makes office environment very cheerful. For all comedians of office out there thanks to making everyone happy as you are doing the hardest job.

Thank you for reading and please comment if there are some other interesting characters in your office.

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