7 Wonderful and Free Apps for every Android User

Nowadays, there are many apps available on google play store as per one report in 2017 the apps have grown upto3.5 million. There are various apps on google with the identical features. Therefore, there is no need to try all of the similar apps. There are certain apps which we come with the best apps you can install it. Let’s look below.

1. Nova Launcher

If you are finding the best launcher for your android phone, then download Nova launcher. It is very easy to use and takes less space on your smartphone. The other benefit is the launcher provides you customizations like app-drawer, a Scrollable dock, notifications, folder and icon customization. One can use this launcher for free, but if you want more features of this fantastic app, then unlock the premium version of this app.

2.Google Duo

If you are staying away from family, girlfriend or relatives, then, this app is for you only. Google duo is one of the best video calling app. What you need is just to verify your number after installing it. After login one can call very easily like a normal standard call. It comes with the unique feature before you pick the call you will get the preview of the caller.

3. Swiftkey

If you are frustrated with your typing, then use this app. Swiftkey is having an excellent feature which predicts what you want to type so it will provide you suggestion. The app runs very smoothly and also due to artificial intelligence. If you are bilingual then Swiftkey is having GIF, excellent themes, etc.

4. Google Assistant

Google assistant is a personal artificial assistant, which hear your command. Google Assistant is a product of Google one can download it from play store.One can use this app for various types of command like to for opening apps, to ask a question, Playing some games, and for making any plan for the day. Both androids as well as apple user can download this app.

5. Whatsapp

No need to explain it here more, as most you will have this app. Whatsapp makes it so easy for everyone to communicate with each other. One just needs an app, mobile number, and Internet that’s it.

6. Pics Art

If you are searching best app for photo editing, then your search stops here. Pics Art is one of most popular picture editing app in the world with downloads around the world almost 100 million. This app includes features of collage, Drawing on photos, stickers, Frame, Perspective changer tool and tilt shift and lot more.

7. Feedly

This app organizes everything in it. Feedly is having all news, online blogs, YouTube channels, and higher than 40 million feeds are available within this app. This is the app is beneficial for to understand trends. It integrates with other social media apps like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin as well as Evernote.

There are some other common apps which you should use is Google news and weather, Google Map, Google Chrome, and Xender.

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