12 Hilarious Dresses Exist, You Can Never Think To Wear

The list is actually hilarious. Not sure, what was in the mind of the designer while creating the same.

  1. Condom dress for awareness

In a Condom production company they do a certain quality check of Condoms a before they come on the market, Hence those condoms, which are not of proper quality standards is used in this dress. This dress is made of awareness still Indian society refuse to talk openly about it due to it is considered as taboo here.

  1. Balloon dress

In a fashion industry new and innovative things always catch eyeball of everyone, although for normal people these dresses are weird and most bizarre. Here the designers try to mix Art and Fashion together to give messages to the audience.

  1. Recycle dress of magazines

This dress is made by designer Daisy, However, her dress might be weird to some people out there, but she uses her creativity fabulously through her great recycle dresses. There are many other unique recycle dresses on her website one can check on the link below picture you will surely acknowledge her thinking.

  1. Unique cupcake dress of Katy Perry

She is the singing sensation of the world and having fans around the world, hence, here with that unique dress she took all the limelight of the function.

  1. Book page dress? Really?

Look at the above picture, here we surely have to give a mark to think of that designer as well as a model who gave pose, as it is very onerous to handle this kind of dresses.

  1. Belt dress

The dresses which are showcased on various fashion platforms prepared with a lot of dedication and hard work, although normal people cannot wear this dress due to its weirdness and complexity.

  1. Ropes and mask dress

Here, like me, you all have sympathy towards this model, as to how one can walk with this suffocating dress. This will be a great discomfort for the lady who tries to even wear that.

  1. Chocolate dress

There are new ways nowadays for the branding of every product, Here in the above picture; one can see new ways of marketing for a chocolate.

  1. Toilet paper for wedding dress

The Wedding day is a day that every bride waits for her children and they will make it everything possible to make this day special. Here, in above picture bride wore a wedding dress made from toilet paper.

  • Zip it dress

Are you getting too much respect in your office and society? Now, your issue is this excellent piece will make you laughing stock of your company and in your society.


  • No words dress

No words for it. It’s an epic dress in itself. I hope the model can see something from your dress. Useful dress, when failed in exams and relatives, gives you an advice.


  • Ideal dress for husbands whose wives are possessive

Gift your husbands, and they will be safe from girls.

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