10 Movies Every Entrepreneur Must Watch

Others stories and experiences always motivate us and teach us a good lesson. Not only great books inspire entrepreneurs but also movies are there as well.

Let’s look some of the fantastic movies for the entrepreneurs.


This film covers everything from high success to downfalls of the startups in the current internet revolution world. The film is basically a documentary film and released in 2001. One can learn a lesson from the film as, the film traces success and failure of a media company. How relations in the friendship changes when it turned as a business partnership.

  1. Wall Street (1987)

The film is based on the young stockbroker bud fox who is very ambitious and willing to do anything for the success. To achieve that success he involved with one greedy raider to become the successful trader. This movie gives a lesson that does not cross your limit or not does any illegal work for the greed of money.

  1. Gelngarry Glen Ross

Those who are working in sales and marketing team can surely relate to this film, as the film shows high stake competition, incentives and pressure to achieve a goal in the fast pacing Chicago real estate industry.

4. Catch me if you can

The film is based on the true story. This film will teach you how one can solve the problem efficiently, how to handle the critical situation in an effective manner, perseverance, business vision, sales methods etc.

  1. Boiler room

The film is the story of a young college dropout who wants to impress his father with his skills and ability. This young stockbroker opening a startup after getting success soon he faces the dilemma of money Vs morality.The film teaches many lessons to the young entrepreneur who wishes to open a startup.

  1. Lord of war

Are you looking for a film which teaches you techniques of growth hacking, construct Loyalty of your brand, ability to take risks and negotiations. From these films, one can surely imply some of the skills in his or her business venture. The film is a dark comedy with a good amount of action you will surely love this film.

  1. Trading places

The film was one of the hit films in its time, as it was the 4th highest earning film of 1983. It’s interesting to see what happens when places of the rich and poor switch?At the end of the film, you will surely question yourself that what is more important for your friends, love, money, and authority.

  1. Office space

An American comedy film teaches you team consolidation, leadership, survive in office politics, mentoring your juniors, manage work-life balance. Although the film shows the corporate culture of the 90s, it’s good for leaders to learn a lesson from it.

    9.The usual suspects

It is one of the best Psychological movies about an aspiring group of people who decided to gang up and plan for a big robbery. Although it is a thriller film, where one can learn the skill of influencing, collaborative action, Long term goal, innovation, and creativity, etc.

  1. Wolf of wall street

The Superb film starring Leonardo Dicaprio it is one of the great films to know how one should keep persevering in himself, How one can create a great corporate work culture, how one can train their employees or team and push them to achieve their targets.

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